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Edisto Beach State Park

8377 State Cabin RD
Edisto Island, SC 29438
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5 Reviews
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We stayed in the Live Oak (so called 'overflow') campground and absolutely loved it. Beautiful sites, very private, huge mossy oak trees. The beach sites are very windy and lacking any form of privacy. In May the bugs were a non-issue - no problems. It's probably more of an issue later in the summer. We typically drove to the beach - its probably a 15 minute walk.

Received from Cristobal Y for visit in May 2006

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I spent two weeks there....was one of the best places we ever stayed...so I guess that goes to show ya, doesn't it. Most of the people that go there seem to repeat every year.....the beach is the draw. I will say that some of the sites are not great....the sites at the very end of the loop are the best for my money. Roads are fair in the park itself. The biggest downfall is the brackish water everywhere on the island. Also, they just finished renovating the beach.

Received from NH for visit in May 2006

Site Number: None
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Edisto Beach State Park is an amazing place, especially for families with younger children. We stayed in one of the cabins on a dirt road along a saltwater marsh. It is a lovely quiet spot. The cabins even have their own fishing/crabbing dock. The beach is only a mile or so away, and there are camping sites, though no cabins, just steps from the beach. The beach is famous for its shells and for the dolphins playing in the surf. There is a grocery store just outside the state park entrance, and while the store has just about anything you could need, the prices are pricey. The island is relatively undeveloped. There are lots of beautiful beach houses, not too many condos, and I don't think a single hotel. My kids, ages 5 and 7, had the time of their lives.

Received from Anon for visit in Apr 2006

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Edisto Beach SP just didn't trip my trigger for some reason. It has dirt roads and most of the sites are very close to the roads, which makes for some dusty, dirty conditions. The campground potable water is very soft, with a slick beachwater taste, and was pretty much undrinkable to me. The park has a nice, new interpretive center with some good exhibits. The Spanish Mount trail is great for biking and has some really nice views. There are actually two campgrounds in this park: Edisto Beach cg and Live Oak cg. Live Oak cg is located across highway 174 nearer to the park's interpretive center and is just a bunch of campsites carved out of some thick woods next to a marsh, again.. dirt roads, no bathhouse, just a set of M/F bathrooms. Edisto Beach cg is the one on the beach side of the park and is where we spent three days in site 10. There's a large fenced sand dune that runs along most of the beach front sites. The fence restricts access to the beach and protects the sea turtle nests, which numbered over 50 along the dune. There are three or four designated beach access points from the campground. Don't get caught in the restricted fenced areas....a $500 fine could be your reward! They are also very strict about no lights on the beach because of the turtles. The dune blocks the view of the beach from the cg, except from just a few sites. Two bathhouses serve this cg and the one on the west side has been updated with FRP panels in the showers and a coated concrete floor which makes it appear cleaner than the east bathhouse. The beach itself drops off quickly from the dune making for a narrow beach relative to other typical Carolina beaches and is made up of really fine shell pieces which make for harder beach bike riding, if you like to do that. As far as the sites are concerned, some are shaded by some nice live oaks/other trees, but most sites on the east and north sides are out in the direct sun and wind from the beach. Sites 10, 53,55, 57, 59, 61, and 63 are nicely shaded; sites 12,24,26,37,38,39,40,43,44,45, 72, 74 are partially shaded. I'd avoid most of the others as they are really exposed to the sun and wind, and we got pounded by high thunderstorm winds a couple of nights...I had to strap the awning down to the heavy picnic table! Sites not listed had other problems like being close to the dirt road, very unlevel, too small, etc. Not all sites have picnic tables or fire pits. A Piggly-Wiggly (PW) food store and a convenience store are located just across 174 from the cg entrance, and there's a pizza place and a few beach shops, but there's not much else in the town other than hundreds of beach houses. The campground store has the typical fare of cheap souvenirs, snacks, and ice. The park's day-use area gets heavy use on the weekends. The PW is small but has a suprisingly good selection of meats, groceries, and other camping supplies. Their seafood is much less expensive than we paid at the seafood house on Hunting Island, but is more limited in selection.

Received from Randy R for visit in Aug 2005

Site Number: 10
Stay Again? YES
Edisto Beach SP is actually one of our most favorite SP's in SC. It's like a little piece of heaven. The island itself doesn't have much on it. There are some beach houses in town, but only one shopping center (Piggly Wiggly) which you can actually walk to from the CG. And there is one or two beach stores up the road, in case you forget some beachy items, like we did last year when we forgot my sons' swim trunks! ;o) The CG is very tropical in nature, with palmetto trees shading many of the campsites. (perfect for a hammock...like many campers bring with them) There are also allot of live oak trees throughout the CG, too. There are quite a few campsites without shade on the outer sites and on the tip of the CG. Those seem to be the ones that the big RV's get placed, since they are out in the open and easy to get into and out of. They also get some great views of the ocean. But with a pop-up, you'll want one of the sites with shade. There are plenty of shaded sites in the middle of the CG. But take a set of those nifty space age emergency blankets with you. The kind that you can buy in the camping section in Walmart for less than $3.00 each. These are great for attaching to the bunk ends and they truly do reflect an amazing amount of sunlight and heat! ;o) Edisto also has an 'overflow' campsite area about 1 mile from the main campsite area. The campsites are in the woods, and tend to be very 'buggy' and 'swampy hot' in the summer, though. But they have tons of privacy between the campsites. All the sites are basically packed sand, but are mostly level. There are 2 restrooms in the main beach campground area. One of the bathhouses has outside showers for rinsing off sea water. But this is also the same one that is sometimes closed because it sits near the ocean's high tide mark because of the beach erosion from previous hurricanes. (It's kind of nice, though, getting a shower listening to the ocean waves). There's not much to do at Edisto Beach State Park (which suits my family just fine). We enjoy playing in the ocean, watching the waves, the pelicans and dolphins, building sandcastles, playing on the playground, climbing trees and visiting the SP's unique and interesting Nature Center. The closest town is miles and miles away, so if you are into shopping, walking boardwalks, and riding theme park rides, you won't find any of that there. But, if you or your family enjoy discovering conch shells and live starfish, hiking the beach and searching for beautiful shells (there are many!) or even just relaxing with a good book, then you won't be dissapointed in your camping trip to Edisto Beach SP.

Received from Lisa W for visit in 2005

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