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Anvil Campground

5243 Mooretown Road
Williamsburg, VA 23188
No Email Address
14 Reviews
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Railroad tracks and train traffic -- There should be some disclaimer about this issue. This is a charming campground crammed between a busy road and a rail line with both freight and passenger train traffic. They are loud. Did I mention the trains?

Received from Bill for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number: 28
Stay Again? NO
Tent sites are very small and are located approx 15-20 feet from a railroad track which freight and passenger trains run 3-4 times during the night. It is impossible to get a good nights sleep. Campground map is deceptive and does not state or show that the campground is located near railroad tracks. The staff does not inform you when you call to make reservations. After setting up our tent and paying for our entire stay it seemed like too much of a hassle to try to leave. However, if we had looked at the reviews on this website, we never would have stayed at Anvil. The bathrooms are not clean and there are only 2 showers and 2 toilets per sex. A fellow camper told us he had to ask staff 5 times to place hand soap in the bathrooms since the dispensers were broken. Laundry is $2.00 per wash and dry.

Received from andrea for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number:8
Stay Again? NO
The sites are very small and the camp is very old and run down. The train was not a problem for us but it did pass very close three or four time during the night. This camp was very close to the things we wanted to see and on a bus stop to everything.

Received from Carolyn for visit in May 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
I enjoyed my 4 nights at Anvil. Maybe if you're looking to BBQ and sit around, there are better choices. But my trip included biking, and being on the bus stop was GREAT because bus has a bike rack. Also, Waller Mill Park is across the street and it has a fenced dog park ~1 mi from Anvil (bring your dog's rabies certificate). My site was small-ish but very level. Nice showers; cute park; plenty of washers & dryers. The trains are loud but quickly pass; since I used my A/C I hardly noticed them. Staff was great.

Received from Jeanne for visit in Oct 2007

Site Number: 48
Stay Again? YES
I hate to post a negative because the staff seemed very nice, however, it wouldnt be right if I didnt post something. Nowhere did I see anything mentioned about train tracks but they are literally 5 steps away from the campground and run all night. If you have kids probably not the best place to stay as there is nothing to do there. We stayed in the journeyman cottage. Cottage was nice but there was a run down van permantly parked behind us as well as an old run down rv that I thimk the maintenance man stayed in? Not sure due to its extremely poor condition. No picnic table, which is just as well because the half basketball court was our backyard. I double checked the locks on the door at night. Not a secure CG at all. Glad I was there only 3 nights. I really dont know how this CG is still in business.

Received from Shannon B for visit in Aug 2007

Site Number:Cottage
Stay Again? NO
We stayed here because the KOA was booked up, but will never make that mistake again. The bath houses were disgusting. They were old and dirty. Luckily we have a bathroom in our travel trailer as a back up. We generally do not use it though because it is so small. Also, the toilet was backed up the entire time we were there and the stall doors did not lock so I had to hold it shut. They also had the train that went by all the time, which of course is not mentioned on the website. I will never stay here again. The sites are tiny and not well maintained.

Received from Carissa for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number:30
Stay Again? NO
This campground is small but has all the ammenenties you will need. Free internet in the office, free coffee,bus line stop to anywhere in Williamsburg, groceries, and more. Very friendly service. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at this campground.

Received from Christine H for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number: 58
Stay Again? YES
This tiny campground is sandwiched between a busy road and a railroad track. You cannot escape the road noise and the trains going by shake the trailer. The sites are very small. The bathrooms are clean but very small. The water tastes OK but pressure is low. The store has a good stock. The staff are helpful but not the most informed. We stayed here to be on the bus line, but found out when we got here that the bus does not run on Sunday, the day we wanted to use it. Being on the bus line does not make-up for all the problems this CG has

Received from Duane for visit in May 2007

Site Number: 27
Stay Again? NO
The train running along the tentsites is by far the biggest problem with this campground. It was like a jolt to me heart, waking me from a dead sleep every time the train went by. We asked at 11:00 pm about the train our first night and they told us it was the last train of the night. What a lie, The trains finally stopped a 4:00am. Very bad night sleep and leaves you exausted for all the area attractions. It was clean when we were there and the pool was nice, a little small but not crowded at night. The restrooms were clean but it is an old campground. Sites are too small, no parking for your vehicle or room to cook out and move around. Needs bulldozed and used as another type of commercial property.

Received from DeAnn for visit in Aug 2006

Site Number:19
Stay Again? NO
It is an okay campground but I found very expensive compared to others in the area 36.96 a night for an old park that is noisy Their store seemed to be good, pool was covered I doubt I will go back to Williamsburg for anything but next time I will check out others in the area. The personell I delt with were friendly and helpful but I think it is to expensive for a basic hook up.

Received from Richard F for visit in Oct 2006

Site Number: 21
Stay Again? NO
I went to Anvil Campground on vacation and was not very pleased. We slept in a tent and the very first night 5 trains went by our campsite! The tracks were literally 20 feet away from our tent, and they went by every night. Anvils website tells nothing about this. Not the peaceful camping vacation we had hoped for. Also, the sites are very close together. The bathrooms were ok, but the pool needed cleaning.

Received from Harry for visit in Aug 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
I wear hearing aids (out at night) but the train (Am-track) is very close and very loud. Even so we had a very enjoyable family time at the campground on Labor Day. How the men's room got by without hot water at the sinks is beyond me though. I had to shave in the shower where the hot water was trickling out. We were at the center section lot #16 and got to pull through with no one behind us and yes it is hard to park a SUV along with my 27' pop up with out reparking along side and parallel with the road. Tight squeeze and real cozy with my one neighbor. We spent 12 hours at Busch Gardens so we had more patience with the campground being so tired. The gas was very expensive but worth the trip from Raleigh. I would consider another campground next time.

Received from Chuck for visit in Sep 2005

Site Number: 16
Stay Again? NO
We will never go there again. The noise from the train on one side and the noise from the highway on the other side was terrible. The sites were small and no parking for tv, we had to park in the site beside us, thank goodness no one wanted that spot, but it was very small and full of poison ivy. We were at the far end next to the highway, there was right much traffic noise and the headlights would shine thru and no matter where you are you hear the train because the campground is fairly narrow. I slept better the second night. Our space was so small that we couldn't get our car on the site but we were able to put it in the vacant site next to ours. The sites in the middle and closer to the front were a little larger. The pool was nice but small, it is an older campground and is for sale. We stayed gone a lot during the day so weren't at the campground that much. I had seen where it got a good rating with Woodall but wondered when they last inspected it.

Received from Dean W for visit in Jul 2005

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
Restrooms & showers, dump station, public phone, laundry, groceries, ltd RV supplies, LP gas, firewood, heated pool, horseshoes, rec hall, game room, planned activities, playground. No pre-warning sign, entrance is easy to miss. There is a train track that runs right next to the CG. When it goes thru it shakes the trailer. Very interesting pricing system. Not only do they give you the 7th day free (which we have found in several parks) but they also includ a free night on the 4th night. Pretty good. Of course it was off season when we were here, but it ended up costing us $16 per night with water, electric and sewer. Park was easy enough to get into, however the interior roads were very potted. The trees and vegetation were nice but the train running right next to the campground, shattered the tranquility of the park on a regular basis and the garbage left sitting around on several of the sites really took away from the beauty. Well, the people in the office seemed friendly enough. But the man refilling the propane ended up shorting our propane tank and refused to do anything about it, other than say that the law wouldn't let him fill it completely. The stock in the store was dusty, you could barely see through the windows in the laundry although the room itself wasn't too bad. Everything just looked neglected and run down.

Received from Laura M for visit in Oct 1999

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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