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Sandbanks Provincial Park

Picton, ON K0K 2T0
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10 Reviews
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I would recommend Sandbanks to everyone. My only complaint is the bathrooms should be cleaned more often with the showers and the beach should also be cleaned before the morning. The last day of our stay it was discusting. There were full of foul smelling algues on the beach. I also think that there should be people from the park that pick up the garbage. Other than that I love sandbanks.

Received from cathy for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number: 216
Stay Again? YES
Great for families at our site but may be noisier closer to the beach. Our site was in walking distance to the beach - about 10 minutes. The bathrooms weren't spectacular but were reasonably clean and were cleaned morning and night, same with showers. The beach is amazing. Quiet. Lots of families with little kids like us. Separate area for dogs. Will go back again and again.

Received from Mike for visit in Jul 2009

Site Number: 141
Stay Again? YES
The only staff we saw were those that took our information and issued the permits. The bathrooms were never touched for the three days that we were there, not at the campground nor the beach area. There was no toilet paper in the stalls. and one was very timid of allowing the kids use the facilities. The sites booked were too small for the trailers and firepits abutted on the side of the neighbouring trailer. I would go for a day trip to the beach but never again to camp and would never recommend it as such. What a waste of natural resource.

Received from anon for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
I use to camp at Sandbanks for years when I was a child and always loved it. I took my children here and was so disappointed. The best sites are the ones directly on the beach (Outlet River Campground) which are almost impossible to book. Our reservation was in Cedars but there was no way our trailer would fit on any of the available sites so we moved to the Woodlands. The sites in Woodlands were okay and I would rate the privacy as average on most of them. The washrooms were disgusting but that was more because of the people who obviously couldn't read the large 'Do not wash your dishes in the sink' signs staring directly at them!! The sand dunes are AWESOME but the water on the Dunes beach wasn't great. Very dirty and you could tell it was Lake Ontario. The best beach was the one in front of the Outlet River Campgrounds as I believe its only for campers. The water wasn't dirty like the other beach because there was a larger area for the water to flow. We stayed for 3 nights and every night we had a problem with partiers. We complained daily but the campground staff did nothing to stop the noise and we were up most nights until 4am! The park was very busy and there just didn't seem to be enough staff. We definately won't be back.

Received from Kelli for visit in May 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
Pros: You have to go to see the sand dunes. Beach is great. Sites in Woodlands are large but many have no 'woods' Open field. Cons: dirty washrooms, not cleaned on schedule or at all. Does not seem to be anyone over the age of 18 working at the entire park. Meaning nothing is enforced ie.radios on all day and until late at night, yelling and partyin, site across from us had 6 kids by themselves dumped there by parents. Did not even have tag in their post and no 'Park Official' ever noticed or stopped to check out. Nothing run smoothly. ie. on the biggest long weekend of the year, no extra staff at food consessions, out of everything and mile long lines. Hello? was this weekend not on their calendars? You don't have a 'maybe' in the stay again box so I say 'yes' but with greatly lowered expectations

Received from LD for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
Pros: Beautiful park, Beautiful beach, very clean, we camp a lot and it is one of our favorite parks so far, staff very friendly and helpful even if very busy. One group of partiers were taken care of very fast and never heard them again, very quiet. Everyone respectful towards other campers including younger generation. Cons: They had a problem with the showers that were extremely cold or too hot! Everything else was good.

Received from Michelle M for visit in Jun 2007

Site Number: 44
Stay Again? YES
First time at Sandbanks. This is a very busy campground, ideal for the 25yr old crowd looking to have a party and hit the beach. It's the noisiest that we've been to. There is a restaurant/bar not too far away with live music on the weekends. Sometimes, the music travels into the park. You would swear that it's your neighbour's radio! When we complained about the noise of other radios in sites nearby, nothing was down. This park is simply so big, that there is little staff to go around. It didn't help to complain about the bar either, as Ontario Parks can't do anything about that!! The service staff were not helpful (especially when we asked for the latest print out on weather - we didn't know the forecast and it rained later that day!) and they were also the 25 yr old age group - with little direction from any older senior staff. The beach was nice, although the big disappointment was the beach being posted 'Polluted Water' for half our stay. Our kids encountered problems having gone in (the day before the sign was posted). Our beach holiday was ruined. The park needs to advise this. Because it is Lake Ontario, stuff like this happens. What we liked was the town of Picton being 10 minutes away, and the culinary opportunities in the area. Also, Kingston is 45 minutes away with tourism opportunities! Being avid campers, having tried many Ontario Parks, we intend NOT to go back here! This park desperately needs a radio free campground! Be careful staying here!!

Received from Ann B for visit in Aug 2006

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
Pros: Great campground once again. This time we tried the high 600s at the "top" of the loop in Woodlands, and parked facing the trees. Very nice. Once again the kids again loved The Dunes, and the biking was good. Cons: That road has lots of twists and turns, probably to keep people from speeding, but you need to be careful pulling a trailer in the wooded parts.


Received from Paul H for visit in May 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
Pros: Great campground, The Dunes, nice water, beaches, biking. Woodlands campground is nice. Cons: Can get pretty busy since it's so popular but this time of year our group of 20 campers had the place to ourselves.


Received from Paul H for visit in May 2004

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
Pros: Great campground, The Dunes, nice water, beaches, biking. Woodlands campground is nice. Cons: The only thing of note is the campground road isn't made for trailers over 20'. Be very careful, especially on the way out!


Received from Paul H for visit in May 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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