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Darlington Provincial Park

1600 Darlington Park Rd.
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K3
No Email Address
13 Reviews
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No so great: - Lots of Trains! honking, woke us up at 4:00 AM Everything else: - Was pretty clean - camps sites were somewhat private (average) - staff was nice - beach was nice and long but lots of stones - location - on one hand you are not getting far enough away from the city and highway but on the other hand, that makes it nice and close if you live in the GTA

Received from Denis for visit in Aug 2013

Site Number: 302
Stay Again? YES
We have stayed quite a few times. It has always been good, We have stayed on a lot of different sights. #4 was really good it was big and also shaded with trees. We went in the heat wave last week, The only thing,like every one else has mentioned was the sound of the train and 401. It is also a very safe place to stay as the rangers drive around quite often.We are going again in August same site#. Kids had a great time as well

Received from Sharon for visit in Jul 2012

Site Number: 4
Stay Again? YES
I loved the park. I had a really great weekend, and I know that everyone else I went with loved it too. I found the washrooms to be just fine and nothing like almost every other review says. Same with the train, I didn`t hear it at all. our site over looked the lake and had a path that led to a private beach. We went to the park store to get ice cream, and it was great bang for your buck. We also hiked the trail that was right next to the bridge and was great. Very scenic. We had an amazing time and would definitely go again!

Received from Shania for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number: 8
Stay Again? YES
DISLIKED: the noise from the highway and train tracks is waaaayyy too loud. The train must go by every 20 mins or so and blasts its horn.. I couldnt sleep and my kids couldnt sleep. Its funny that they had a noise reduction policy (such as no radios) in effect but there is all this noise from the highway and train tracks. Also late at night like 11pm there were kids screaming and yelling it was very annoying. I had my own 2 kids there and they were playing quietly through out the day and at night they need to sleep. park rangers driving aroundevery 30 mins even late at night.. we bought their firewood, and it DID NOT BURN! what a waste of $8 water wayy too cold. Washrooms were gross. not clean and bug infested also there was a friggin infestation of FLYS!! and they bite. LIKED: The staff that were there were nice, at the shop the girl gave my son a really big scoop of ice cream, the store prices were not too bad. the washrooms there were nice and the beach is sandy. I would like to go and ride the trails on my bike and I did like that it was close to hom..

Received from laura for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
Stayed July 2011. Wonderful campground, nice beach, lovely trails and nice size lot.

Received from Tracy for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number: 153
Stay Again? YES
the best site but lovely, clean park, nice beach, friendly staff. We enjoyed our stay! Will go back

Received from Patti for visit in Sep 2008

Site Number: 78
Stay Again? YES
This hands down is the worst campground anyone could ever goto. No privacy at your campsite, especially with the park cop wanabes always driving around making noise, and kicking people out for drinking even if your 10 steps out of your campsite. The train goes by every hour and its very annoying. You also can hear the highway no matter how far of a campsite you pick. overal i give this park a 1 out of 10. If your looking for a good time away, or a relaxing one i suggest you go elsewhere.

Received from Zachariah for visit in Jul 2008

Site Number:181
Stay Again? NO
This campground is a great place to use if you're travelling and need a place to rest. It's also a great place to party (which lots of young people seemed to be doing!). For a campground getaway - stay away!!! This place is not for you! Sites are horrible - no privacy and very very close together. Washrooms are not very well kept. The smell from Lake Ontario was constant. Not good when we were there. It's just not a place for a nice camping get-away. Spend the extra time in the car and go elsewhere. I would totally recommend it as a place to rest yourself if you're travelling across the 401 as its easy on and off the highway.

Received from Kelli for visit in Nov 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
We had a great time camping here because of the people we went with but Rating the park alone, the accomodations were poor. Sites were small, with little to no privacy, the beach was very rocky and the bathrooms were not kept up at all. Also because the park is so near to HWY 401 and a train track, there is constant loud noise. And when I say noise, I mean a train horn about every 20 minutes day and night, all over the park, loud enough you couldnt talk over it and it was very hard to sleep through. If you're younger and looking to have a good time, then I wouldnt recommend this park. The rangers go by approx every 20-40 minutes, are unfriendly, and do not tolerate any noise at all in the evening. In addition we were misinformed of park amenities and there were hidden fees with parking. We met several other disgruntled campers this weekend, therefore I rate the overall impression of this park as unsatisfactory.

Received from Valerie for visit in Aug 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
The only way someone would like this campsite is if they usually fall asleep to the cozy sounds or trains and highway traffic. The sites are really small and there is a huge lack of privacy. All the camp sites arround can see what your doing and there is park rangers always driving by every couple minutes which is king of intimidating. The showers are very dirty. I would never stay at this campsite again.

Received from Karim for visit in Aug 2007

Site Number:264
Stay Again? NO
Way to close to the city, and not much privacy between camp sites. If you love trains this is the place for you. You will be able to hear the trains horn every 10-20 mins. All DAY AND NIGHT! The 401 is really close too. You get to hear the wonderful traffic all night. The washrooms are gross, and not cleaned. Ladies hope you don't have to pee pass 10pm either because the bathroom doors will be locked and you will have to use the mens, if they let you even. Don't forget your own toilet paper! Don't forget $18 for parking either and extra for other hidden fees. You will also make great friends with all the Parks employees as well seeing they will pass you camp site every 30 mins to an hour. Staying up late for good laughs with friends around your campfire is out of the question as well unless you don't mind having a park ranger tell you that you could be convicted for laughter after 12pm.... on a long weekend. Beach is very rocky and its a very populated Park. They pack in as many campers as they can so with this you get to enjoy the children running through your site screaming when you are still trying to sleep at 7:30am. So between children screaming and dogs barking and trains blowing and 401 noise, its not much of a great camping experience. So i hope you have great company to camp with to enjoy your camping trip better. Oh, you can hear that train everywhere in the park, even down by the lake!

Received from Cheryl P for visit in Aug 2007

Site Number:263
Stay Again? NO
We had a good time camping at darlington last summer. The sites are a bit small, however it is only 5 minutes from our home. It is a very clean park and everyone is very friendly. We are staying there again, very soon.

Received from Susan W for visit in May 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
Pros: We didn't see much of it - pulled in late, pulled out early. Seemed pretty nicely kept overall though. Cons: Sites we did see looked a bit on the small side. We were down near the water and could hear the traffic noise from the 401.


Received from Paul H for visit in Jul 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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