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Lake Lanier Islands

7000 Holiday Road
Lake Lanier Islands, GA 30518
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8 Reviews
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The campground has continued to fall apart. The facilities are terrible. Our bathhouse was not even working over the weekend. The noise was horrible. Houseboats were allowed to beach on the shores of the campground for boaters to party. Several of us left early Sunday. Until the new owner does some work we would not recommend anyone to go. It does have great potential.

Received from lisa dexter for visit in May 2010

Site Number:323
Stay Again? NO
Apparently the campground is going to be renovated. It really needs it. The setting is lovely however, the sites need a lot of attention. Very few had pads, rock/gravel made walking around the site uncomfortable. It was a 10-15minute drive out of the campground to services.

Received from Anne for visit in May 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
Ok, unlike the previous few I thought the new manager and employees are doing great job with what goes on in cocktail cove. It is not the resorts fault for the boats being so loud. We had that problem, but when we made our reservation they did say that it could very easily get loud over there. They told us to call if it happened and they would call DNR (lake police) to help. And if it got to bad we could get moved. DNR showed up and did NOTHING. So we moved and stayed the week we planed; and well, it was as they said Perfect from that day forward. If anything ask to be in the 100 section and you will have a great time there. The only problem is the noise and restrooms weren't great.

Received from Heather J for visit in Oct 2007

Site Number: 318
Stay Again? YES
I agree with the previous post. We get there and we find out that the sewer hookups were on the opposite side of the camper which they did not tell us before arriving. Thankfully, we had enough tubing to make it. The handrails at the top of the deck were almost falling down and I was afraid my kids would fall down the steps that were damaged. For the price it is not worth it. I would rather just take the kids to the water park, pay full price and call it a day.

Received from Samantha for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
For the price we paid ($40/night with 2 night minimum), we expected much better. The campsite was not well demarcated, other campers wandered through our campsite. The bathrooms were a nightmare and the boat traffic on the lake kept us up all night. The setting was beatiful, but the noise made it far from serene.

Received from May Beth A for visit in Jun 2007

Site Number:1308
Stay Again? NO
Won't stay here again. They charge top dollar, yet the campground is very poorly maintained. Bathrooms were dirty, some of the showers didn't work, lots of overgrown branches overhead that scrape the top of your trailer, etc. This is a beautiful lakefront location. This campground could be really great if it were better maintained.

Received from Mary E for visit in Aug 2006

Site Number: 152
Stay Again? NO
This was the worst campground I have ever been to. They were unable to control the loud music that went into the early morning hours. Then by 10 am the music started again. Luckily we were in a camper where we were able to run the fan to drown out some of the music at night, but I feel bad for those in a tent. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about staying here to change their mind and find another campground.

Received from Dana for visit in Jul 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
I have stayed at this park a total of 3 different times on different sites. By the current map, the loop with the other two sites don't appear to be open any longer (not even shown on map). Two of the visits, the sites were covered in leaves. Leaf coverage was so bad that I couldn't find the sewer hookups. On one occasion, I had visited a week prior to check out the site. I mentioned the leaf coverage to the office and they assured me it was scheduled to be cleaned off that week. Got there, leaves still there. I parked on the road and raked the site. They did give me a coupon for a free night of camping. They could definitely do some improvements and make this a true "resort". I marked that I would stay here again, but it would be in limited circumstances. The campground office has discount tickets for the water park which is a plus.

Received from Karen L for visit in 2003

Site Number: 140
Stay Again? YES

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