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Timberlake Campground

3270 Conleys Creek Rd.
Whittier, NC 28789
3 Reviews
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This is a very busy crowded camp ground. There are a few spiny trees in between camp sites which are short and narrow and sloped. We counted 5 sites that bordered our site. It didn't seem to matter if you had a tent, camper or 5th wheel. They were equally narrow and sloped and had areas where the ground eroded away from the rain. On arrival, I couldn't find the entrance to the bathhouse because all I saw were camp sites surrounding it. A nice family took pity on me and told me to just cut through their site as I rounded the bathhouse for a second time. I felt bad for the family from the Midwest that were next to us, as they were expecting a nice scenic campground while in Maine. The campground was noisy on Saturday night after 'Quiet' time with a Harry Belafonte yelling Hay Yo! and having a chorus of teenage girls Hay Yo back. This went on for some time but they did eventually stop. There's lots to do while there and the lobster that was cooked for us was outstanding. If you can tune out the screeching teen age girls, motor cycles, barking dogs, generators running all night, the sound of the skate board park and big heavy trucks rolling through early in the morning then this place would be okay. We were lucky enough to be able to stay over Sunday night which was much quieter although still quite full.

Received from Anon for visit in Aug 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
Something of a challenge to find but a delight once you're there. Smallish property, well established, sites along a delightful creek. Lots of shade. Our club-- members from NC, SC, GA-- held a Fall Rally here. Great attention from the proprietress. Fine facilities for group meeting, open spaces for the energetic. Note-- bathhouse just OK. Still a wonderful place to spend a while especially if with a group.

Received from Paul G for visit in Sep 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
campground we've ever been at! Big open spaces. Two ponds. Lots of room for children to run, play, swim, canoe. Real safe. We have stayed there for 6 years in a row! Kids love it, and said it "feels like home!"

Received from Anon for visit in 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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