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Branch Brook Campground

Branch Brook Rd.
Campton, NH 03223
13 Reviews
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The site was ok but the facilities were NASTY/DIRTY. Spooky to say the least. What is up w/bathrooms??? I will never go back unless the place is cleaned up!! Debris and dirt and a mop bucket sitting outside the bathroom with black water dwelling inside. Looked like it had been there for a year!! YUCK.

Received from Gin for visit in May 2013

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
wow what a place, when we arrived it smelt of burning garbage. i should have known then to get out. unfortunately we stayed the night huge mistake. from the dogs running off leash to the screaming and yelling from camp sites to the drunken mahem. DO NOT STAY if you have kids. Stay if you want to party because they must not have any rules at all. disgusting rec room, smelt of wet cat. bathrooms were filthy. all around bad place to bring family. The river access was amazing with great access. staff while understanding and did refund my money just seemed over whelmed with chaos and mahem.

Received from Dan for visit in Jul 2012

Site Number:51
Stay Again? NO
realy nice campground everything was taking care of and i met one of the workers think his name was matt very nice guy and helpfull couldnt ask for a better person to work there sites where clean and the pool was nice i will be back again befor the end of the year

Received from mike for visit in Jul 2012

Site Number: 22
Stay Again? YES
I had read various reviews that made the campground sound OK. We are not high maintenance folks and understand that we are camping and not going to a four star hotel. With that said, we enjoyed ourselves. The river was very nice and accessible, the pool was fun although a lot of the tile was coming off it was still clean. The kids enjoyed the waterslides. Our site was large and wooded and the bathrooms were clean and not too busy.

Received from Maggie for visit in Jul 2012

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
Ive been going to Branch Brook since the 90"s...Awsome place!! Its what you make of it! Lots of room...Good size sites...Have to say it is getting a little pricey...

Received from Anita Vallone for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number: 225
Stay Again? YES
Scary would describe my first visual of the office & rec hall. We were there for Labor Day Weekend. We thought we would stay some place different. Never again will we stay here. Bathrooms were DIRTY, Pool was in need of some repair & cleaning. I do not know how they have any repeat bussiness.

Received from Rosie for visit in Sep 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
I have been going to Branchbrook for almost 10 years and I love it. I do agree that the place needs updating but if you are looking for a camoground that can accomadate a large group this is a great option. They have several fields you can rent and spend a day on the beautiful Pemi river. We have never once been spoken to about our noise level or been bothered at all by the staff. You can also rent a porta potty for the weekend and it will be there when you arrive!

Received from Jennifer for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number: BF #2
Stay Again? YES
Upon booking sites for Branchbrook Campground we received confirmation of sites in consecutive sequence in which 10 sites were together. Upon arriving we immediately experienced problems as the site numbers confirmed during our phone reservation were not the assigned sites resulting in an inconvenience to our party. As a result of the site separation we were forced to gather together on one site resulting in loud conversation. Thus we were continuously approached by campground personnel due to noise, which obviously occurs when you have 30 people gathered on one site. In addition to their poor reservation procedure the facilities were absolutely FILTHY. The bathrooms lacked the appropriate supplies and floors were covered with excess debris,the pool water was foggy, and the rec hall was littered with trash. As an avid camper we visit many campgrounds and found Branchbrook to be more focused on the money and less on their facilities. Their staff was less than friendly, except during booking, and they spend more time on watching sites than maintaining the facilities. In addition the night person hangs in the dark and introduces himself strangely from no where while females are returning from the restrooms.

Received from Joe for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
I hate to give a bad review of this campground because it has potential... our campsite was wooded with a good river view, and we saw many other good campsites... we loved the huge crystal clear river and tubing, the pool was good for young kids and teens, and they have nice big grassy areas to play in. However, the indoor facilities and cleanliness overall were awful. The buildings are rundown/outdated..never updated that we can tell... and filthy overall. The bathroom below the rec hall was atrocious...the other was not great either. They had one young guy cleaning all of them when I saw it. I think they clean the toilet bowls and thats it....floors, corners, walls look as though they havent been really cleaned in years. Things are falling apart...the rec hall looks scary...not inviting the way it sounds on their website. The pool really is nice, but wasnt cleaned often enough. There were several staff that worked there that were not rude, but hardly "friendly"... at times they seemed inconvenienced by anyone who came in and interrupted their computer games they were playing. Simple things like better cleaning (i think they need a cleaning service) would really help...but they really need to update their bathrooms, store (which didnt have much in it), and rec hall. Nice area to camp in, but I felt cleaner bathing in the river than in their bathrooms. Back to Moose Hillock next year!

Received from Susan for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number: 25
Stay Again? NO
Very liad back campground, yes, however if you're thinking of bringing a few "drinks" I would stay away. They have strict regulations on what you can have on your site, and alcohol is one of them even if you're "of age." Great place though, nice scenery however the owners taunt you by driving around all night and checking in on exactly what you're doing. Rather shady but that could be just me. I would not return for this reason.

Received from Joseph for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
I should start by saying maybe I am spoiled as I have camped at Danforthbay and all other campgrounds fail in comparison but this one wasn't even close. We called months ahead asking their rates and what services they had and were told they had cable. We normally go to Moosehillock for this week in July but figured why not try some place new and as a bonus they have cable..or so we were told. We got there to find out there was no cable as it hadn't been completely installed yet. Coming into the campground the road was pot holes everywhere the 5th wheel trashed around knocking everything in the camper around. I basically had to creep with my foot on the brake going less than 2 mph the whole way to the office to check in. The office looks like it was about to fall down. It didn't look like any money had been spent to maintain it since it was built. We looked at each other and said oh my god what have we done. Then they tell us we have to go back down pothole alley to get to our site. We get there to find a broken off sewer pipe and a cable wire that has no end on it and only goes to the center of the camping loop not yet hooked into the local cable system. Then we go to the pool which is very cloudy and full of grass as they cut the grass but did not rake it up and the kids walked through the loose grass and back into the pool. There was more grass in the pool than around it. The river itself was OK but there was no beach sitting around area at all. The water level was very low and the so called beach access was nothing more than a narrow path between 2 tent sites which brought you to the river. At the far end of the campground where you would put your tube in to float down stream was a 10 foot high banking that you would have to get down to reach the river to begin your tube ride. The arcade was a dark room with no windows so dreary looking my kids didn't even want to play the games. The customer service left much to be desired as well. I will not return here ever again.

Received from Craig for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number: 7
Stay Again? NO
We went the week before the Pemi Blue Grass Festival. When making the reservation, Staff did stress that this was not a typical camping week there. But we went to the area to visit the water park on the hottest week of the year (105 degrees) and other area tourist attractions. The campsite itself was nice. The river banks were close but too steep for small children to be around. And we had an infestation of ants (in our tent). There are no bathrooms around so we found "piles" of waste around our site. Staff came and cleaned that up quickly. They really need porta potties in the out lying areas. You also needed something to haul your own water because again thats a mile away. The womens bathhouse was NASTY. All toilets were plugged. And when I took a shower, the toilets backed up into my shower. At which point I said, "I'm outta here!". And decided to leave early. They gave me a refund for the day I did not stay. But I really think they should have offered me a discount on the days I did. The pool was really nice for kids. And I may just give them another chance at some time in the future because the area is so nice. I will just be more prepared next time. And not go on a week where they are doing a festival on the grounds.

Received from Heather for visit in Aug 2006

Site Number: 5
Stay Again? YES
Branch Brook, is located in Campton, N.H., just off Interstate 93. We visited Branch Brook with the Heaths, in mid August 1997, booking our sites in late June. Our sites were located right next to each other. The Twomeys booked later and still got a site on the other side of us. The location of our wooded site was just 15 ft. from the river's edge. There was canoe and tube rental available. You could go up river canoe and end your canoe trip on your site. This was a very peaceful camp site. Also being located just off the interstate we were within an easy drive to Old Man of the Mountain, The Flume, Clark's Trading Post and many other White Mts. Attractions. The three days we visited Branch Brook, the Plymouth State Fair was going on. Great afternoon trip with the kids.

Received from Mark T for visit in Aug 1997

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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