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Capitol KOA

768 Cecil Avenue North
Millersville, MD 21108
2 Reviews
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The campground is clean and nice. But they clean the bathrooms every morning from 0900 to 1130. Such an inconvenient time -- when many people need to use the bathrooms! Also, not all their sites are level. We have a pull-behind pop-up and we were given a pull-thru that was not level (not even close to being level) and not really big enough. It had huge boulders in the site making it near impossible to park our vehicle with the camper. And the site had curbs we had to bounce to get in and out of our spot. The only reason I would stay there again is bc it is the only KOA in the DC area and we go to the area often. Their sites aren't the best and their total lack of regard for the campers by cleaning at such an inopportune time and for so long are really what turned me off to this KOA.

Received from stephanie for visit in Jul 2009

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We just got back from 4 days and 3 nights at Capitol KOA in Millersville, MD I have very mixed feelings about this campground. The sites are small – I requested ours over the internet and we were assigned a site that fit our Bayside very well, however, it was a WES site with all the big rigs and the only site more expensive was a WES pull-through. The cost was $42 a night for the site, then $3 per child over six, for a total of $48 a night, which I thought, was expensive even for MD. We did buy a KOA card, which took 10% off the final tab, but I just did not expect it to be so expensive. That’s what I get for making reservations over the internet, based on a skeletal website that gives a “range” of costs. My confirmation was a two line e-mail telling me that they had a site for me, it was a back in, and they’d see us on the 11th with only a confirmation number. It did not tell us about the extra charge for children over 3 (at most campsites it has been for children over 5 or 6). Regardless, all of that is my fault for not asking, but I bring it up just so anyone reading this knows what to expect. The second thing that threw me for a loop is I’d packed all the swim gear for my 11 month old and nothing but a suit for my 4 year old. When we checked in they told us that non-toilet trained children could not go in the pool. (I can understand the reasons, it just was unexpected and I might not have stayed there had I known in advance. They told me she was welcome to play along the side – yes, tell that to a toddler who also things running in the street is a big, funny game.) The pool was very nice, and they had a life guard, but it got deep very fast. The low end was 3 feet but it wasn’t three feet very long so my 4 year old could not go very far. Maybe this is typical of campground pools, but again, just wanted to give people with kids the heads up. The children’s activities were much more limited than other campgrounds we have visited. I realized the reason why was that not many kids attended. The poor staff sat there all day Saturday with a moon bounce that barely got used. The attendant jokingly told another staff member that she paid my kids $10 each to get them in there. Most of the activities were after 6 pm. I thought that was weird but I finally figured it out .... This is a parking lot for tourists. Plain, and simple, most people use this campground to sleep over and tour Washington DC and the surrounding area. They offer tour packages as well as a shuttle bus to the subways in Washington and Baltimore. So, many of their campers are out all day seeing the sites. We hardly ever saw any of our neighbors - many did not even eat there. They also had TONS of cabins so there were not even that many pop-ups. Most of the pop-ups were along the outskirts of the campground but they all seemed to be on the small side – probably because the sites were so small. If you do decide to camp there, another need to know with kids – many of the W/E sites back up to a huge gully. They are well-shaded but there is a big drop. I was glad I included in my reservation request that I had a toddler – continually chasing her away from that would have given me more heart-palpitations than the street. They had a very nice store with good deals on some sweatshirts and t-shirts. Everything else was overpriced ($5.99 for a box of graham crackers!) The playground was mediocre – at first I thought it was dismal but the kids still had a good time. They have ping pong tables and a pool table outside, and tether ball. One of my favorite features was that the 3-game arcade was up a set of stairs and my boys never realized it existed. The bathrooms were always clean, had hot water and soap!!! The “satellite” bathrooms, which were closest to us, were brand new. They had a row of about 10 showers with individual locking doors so male or female could use them. The camp rules urged parents of children under 10 to accompany them to the bathrooms and pool. They had two nice laundry rooms as well. The one by the office had commercial size washers and dryers but it was $2 a wash and 7 minutes for 25 cents to dry. My husband and kids enjoyed the walking trail but there was no way to get a stroller through the beginning so I didn’t partake. The reason we booked this particular campsite and weekend was that the theme was Space Week. Thursday night we were too late for the paper airplane activity, but we did do the flashlight lollipop hunt and watch "Mr. Magoo" in the pavillion. Friday night they had another lollipop hunt and then the Meteor Shower that consisted of a bunch of aluminum foil balls and coins that they hunted for. It would have been fun but they gave a prize to the top three collectors which bummed the other 10 or so children out since they also had to give back the balls and coins. Saturday was the moon bounce (shaped like a dragon) and another lollipop hunt. We were gone before the Rocket Horse Races on Sunday so I don't know what that was. They were supposed to have a Constellation activity Sat night but it was cancelled by the time we checked in. My biggest praise is that they found us a site that fit our requirements so well. I asked for something big enough for the Bayside (25 ft with a slide out) and something that was away from high traffic areas because I had a toddler. I also asked for shade because we don't have air. Yes, we were stuck with the big rigs but I guess the good thing about that is we couldn't hear them and they couldn't hear when the baby crying. Overall, it wasn’t a terrible campground but I don’t think we have enough good reasons to go back. If you don’t like being close to your neighbor, forget it. If you think paying over $35 is outrageous forget it. If it would bug the heck out of you to be awakened by big rigs pulling in at all hours of the night, forget it. (Our across the street neighbors came in at 11:30 and were gone by 9 the next morning.) If you want a clean, adequate place to park your camper with easy access to Washington DC you may want to try it.

Received from Carole for visit in 2005

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