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Antietam Hagerstown KOA

11759 Snug Harbor Lane
Williamsport, MD 21795
8 Reviews
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If you like the strong smell of cow manure (dairy farm right next door - practically in the campground) and the sound of stock car racing (Hagerstown Raceway)well into the night, this is the place for you! Other than the clean bathrooms and the nice folks running it, this camground has absolutely nothing going for it.

Received from Wanda for visit in Apr 2013

Site Number:158
Stay Again? NO
My family absolutely loves the Hagerstown Snug Harbor KOA. The campground is clean, the pool is wonderful, there are tons of activities to do, the people are friendly, and the restaurant has great food which they deliver right to your site! I have know idea why these KOA has gotten bad reviews. It is one of the nicest campgrounds that I have stayed at!

Received from Gayle for visit in Apr 2013

Site Number: 2
Stay Again? YES
Run dont walk the place should lose its KOA name. Gross

Received from an for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:2
Stay Again? NO
We actually stayed here in Aug 2010 but could not pull down that date. We stayed here in a 36 foot motorhome. The site was large and very shady. We did not use any shower or bathroom facilities there. Our site had no sewage only water and electricity. Sewage was available for other sites. The cable for our site and several others was so snowy and filled with static noise that we could not watch more than one or two stations. The campground is not paved and the constant traffic within the campground and the nearby farm made for a very unpleasant stay. My skin and lips were gritty, my hair filthy, and sitting outside was not pleasant except at night when the car traffic subsided. Fighting the flies for our food made our outside picnic a nightmare. The campground is very well kept except for the dirty dusty gravel dirt roads. The cafe hamburgers were very delicious. Not many activities but a nearby creek offered fishermen some fun. The pool was very clean but quite small with no lifeguard. The personnel was extremely accommodating in everyway. If they would spray water on the road to help keep the dust down or spread a chemical to attract moisture, I would come back in a heartbeat. But the dust was unbearable. The access roads leading to the campground are nearly impassable to big rigs and definitely not a two way road. Site 50 is definitely not for a big rig. It was very slanted to the side and made it nearly impossible to level. Some people might enjoy it here inspite of the dust. I would not tell anyone NOT to stay here. But I would warn them about the dust, flies, and bad cable hook ups and let them make their own decision. But it is just not for me.

Received from ShaRon for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number: 49
Stay Again? NO
Nice location along the creek, but those sites are not full hookup. We were given a back in site which was very difficult to get into. No assistance from the guys driving around on golf carts all day.... the site barely fit out 26 travel trailer, and the picnic table was too close to the trailer. There was a two foot drop off on one side. We were in the back of the campground near the pile of gravel and less than scenic surroundings. Farther down the road, there were lovely flower gardens and well tended spaces. The staff was the best part, and the 50's diner is really cool. The food was home cooked, and the activities were nice. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our three nights stay, but will not stay there again in that site.

Received from Diane for visit in Jul 2009

Site Number: 62
Stay Again? YES
We are regulars of this KOA. I couldn't ask for a better kampground or better hosts. The grounds are beautiful, bathrooms always clean, great food and many activities for both young and old. I would highly suggest this campground to everyone.

Received from Trish for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
Just thought I'd share another great trip to this campground. Sometimes you wonder if you should share the good ones and run the danger of them being all booked up next time Anyway, we arrived Thursday and the heavens decided to stop raining long enough for us to get all set up. The campfire ban was lifted - YES! Life can't get any better! We had site 50 which on the map looks smaller than 49, but actually was bigger. Straight shot backing up from a side road. Friday the crowds started pulling in. Lots more popups then but almost all were OLD! Not that that's bad, it was just surprising. Friday night they had a magician. His tricks were all the same as the last few years but the kids didn't remember and enjoyed it. They also make pizzas in the kitchen and will deliver them to your site on Friday nights. Saturday they had tons of Halloween ceramic pieces you could purchase to paint. My boys didn't want to do it but a lot of kids were having fun. Then they had Beanie Baby Bingo and a pumpkin carving contest. They also had a site decorating contest. Some of these people go all out - it was very neat to see. At 4 they had a hayride to the haunted house (preview for the little ones - we didn't go but as it is not for the feint of heart.) That evening they had a costume parade then trick or treating. They gave each kid a light stick. They then had a DJ playing for three hours and more pizza available, by the pie or by the slice. Bathrooms were clean, camp store was adequate. As usual, our Bayside got us stuck in the middle of the big guys. Our neighbors were always overnighters, most of the popups were along the creek and by the entrance, two places I asked not to be. If you don't have really little children the creek sites are beautiful. Unfortunately, I spent half my time chasing my little darling out of the street every time a "puppy dawg" came by - I don't even want to know what it would have been like near a big brown bathtub. It's funny, on the way back we stopped at McDonald's and when we came out there was a newer Bayside next to us in the parking lot. Then another passed us on the road. Guess all the late models guys were at Jellystone or Rocky Gap.

Received from Carole for visit in Oct 2005

Site Number: 50
Stay Again? YES
We have camped here for the last three years at Halloween time. They have a real haunted house and lots of activities. Past years programs have included such things as a magician, pumpkin carving contest, site decorating contest, hair raising, ceramic painting, Bingo, pinata. Saturday night is a hayride followed by trick or treating. Food always seems to be flowing, too. Friday night usually brings pizza and subs delivered to your door and Sunday usually has a full breakfast. The food, bing, haunted house and ceramics require an extra fee. Bathrooms were clean, camp store was adequate. Nice game room but I never let my kids know it was there (mean mommy!) No trouble with noisy neighbors, even though there were lots of groups. Every time I go there I just feel totally transposed as we drive down the winding lanes and see the creek bubbling by.

Received from Carole for visit in Oct 2003

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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