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Jellystone Park Chicago

8574 Millbrook Rd
Millbrook, IL 60536
8 Reviews
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Good staff,my daughter loved it

Received from glen for visit in Jan 2013

Site Number: 160
Stay Again? YES
From the moment we pulled in to the resort - they put a bitter taste in our mouth! First of all - what camp ground asks to put your name and age on a sign in sheet so they can base your stay on your dependants? We booked our site for a total of 5 but my two daughters were unable to make it so we asked my sister - in law to come with her son. As we pulled in as I mentioned above we had to put state everyones name and AGE on our site and they then inform us that it would be an additional $54.00 for her and her son to stay with us in OUR CAMPER. They then said it was based on the person who is renting the site dependents - give me a break! I went up to the office several times to have the owner to come and see me at my site and he never came to explain, apologise etc - how rude - this is the way u run a business? shame on you!For the amount we paid and you charge us additional - unbelievable! We have stayed at other Yogi Bears and other camp grounds and we have never been treated and or humiliated as we did at the Millbrook, Illinois Yogi campground!

Received from Joanie for visit in Oct 2012

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
I have been to this camp the past 3 years with my children celebrating the Halloween Weekend. We had a blast. ?Trick-or-treating was fun, families everywhere. Activities were fun too.

Received from Christine for visit in Sep 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
I thought everything was nice here.Employees were wonderful and there is so much for the kids to do. To address the bad reviews, I have two childrdn and I will definately return. If you are retired or older or have no children then no a family themed capm is not for you. If you are looking for a good family vacation then try this campground. They will help you in any way they can.

Received from Diana for visit in Aug 2012

Site Number: C1
Stay Again? YES
Facilities were nice, staff very friendly and helpful, large mature trees....that being said, the Seasonal campers were extremely rude and mouthy. They thought that they owned the park and it was not to be shared with anyone. They ruined the weekend for me. The site I had was very difficult for me to get my fifth wheel in due to two trees at the entrance of the site. nice paved roads and site, excellent outdoor theatre, nice shop....very nice park, just rude campers. ruined it for us. Silver springs park is nearby if you wish to go fishing... forget their pond. It is a damned up creek and no fish. I could see the bottom all the way across.

Received from tim for visit in Apr 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
I have read the only other reviews posted. I am currently in the park on a Saturday night of a four night stay. This place is a zoo and expensive. The music is incredibly loud as I am at the very opposite end of the camp and it is as though it is in my unit. People here walk with abandon through your campsite, peer in the windows and are generally rude. The park should realize that they are the only campground for a great distance around and need to accomodate ALL kinds of campers including the ones that would like some peace and quiet! If there were another place within a reasonable distance, I would have forfeited my money and left by now. Never again.

Received from Kathleen for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number: 19
Stay Again? NO
Let me first explain that we were here over Easter Weekend, it was VERY cold and there was no one else in this campground but my family. It was a ghost town, and they had no planned activities this weekend. That said...I was not impressed by this park, it was full of junky seasonals. To camp here during the busy season would be nothing more then parking in a crowded parking lot. The water was not on yet, they had electric and sewer hook ups and no activities and they still charged $41 a night plus $3 for our dog. We left after the first night, and because I prepaid for 2 nights...they would not give us our money back for the 2nd night. They did give us a gift cert. for a return this season because of that, we will give it another try this summer when the kids can use the pool and the activities, but I have to say that the seasonals are a big turn off to me. They make the park look very unappealing.

Received from Anon for visit in Apr 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
The Jellystone parks are expensive, and this one is no exception. But there are so few places to camp close to Chicago and the kids love this place. It would be nice if they offered some kind of all inclusive thing, the minigolf and scooter bike costs really added up for us. I also heard from other campers that it is much more crowded on the weekends, so we were glad we were there during the week.

Received from Oscar A for visit in August 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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