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Barrington Shores Campground

70 Hall Road
Barrington, NH 03825
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3 Reviews
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Eight weeks before our 2012 return they informed us by letter that our campsite of choice the last several years was being converted to a seasonal site. Never a call to inquire our opinion on how we felt just the attitude your moving. The decision maker is very inexperienced in customer service or just a plain dope. Changes like this to a campers plan should be handled for the following year not just prior to a scheduled visit. The lake has been deteriorating the last several years and now it appears the management of this place is also going downhill.

Received from Cliff for visit in Jul 2011

Site Number: 102
Stay Again? NO
We have stayed at Barrington Shores Campground many times over the last few years and have always had a good time. This summer my family stayed at the campground a few times and each time was a bad experience. The campground was sold this past winter and the person that bought the campground has hired a new manager to run the campground. Unfortunately the new manager has no experience in running a campground. The new manager is also very rude; when you try to speak to him he will tell you “don’t tell me how to run my campground”. The last time we stayed at the campground was Labor Day weekend there were many loud parties going on after the 11pm quiet time and the manager, Chris was seen partying at one of the parties until after 2am. When we called the campground office and emergency phone number to complain about the noise the calls went unanswered. The bathrooms and other facilities are not clean and the campground is just not a safe place anymore. This use to be a family campground but now it is more like a party pit. I have spoken to some of the seasonal campers and many of them are not happy and are looking for a new campground. My family will most likely not return to this campground unless the owner hires new management. It is very sad to see a once beautiful and safe campground turn into a dirty unsafe campground.

Received from Annie for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:Cabin
Stay Again? NO
The campground is a bit tight in areas. I had a bit of trouble manuevering out of the campground. We had a nice stay though even in the rain.

Received from Eric G for visit in 2005

Site Number: 91
Stay Again? YES

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