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Miami Everglades Campground

20675 SW. 162nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33187
3 Reviews
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If you want to experience campground managers who have never read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" this is the place to visit. During the 2005-2006 season, this campground went through FIVE different sets of managers, and several assistant managers -- one of whom we encountered several hundred miles north who expressed his dissatisfaction with senior management in such vulgar terms that I had to excuse myself. This year, his assessment proved to be eerily accurate. The current management picks and chooses which rules and policies to enforce and has even told seasonal campers that those rules are subject to "his' interpretation. Only after suggestions of legal action if injury resulted were missing lights replaced, two-foot deep holes filled in (althought those campers had to then buy the grass seek and straw to replant at their own expense or live with mud for weeks.), and a site leveled so that the motorhome of a handicapped individual did not have to be leveled by adding boards to the front of the rig to the extent that it was dangerous to the inhabitants. At least one paying camper has been asked to "seek a campground elsewhere" because of management's inability to resolve a conflict between an employee who has had several conflicts with several seasonal campers (Does that suggest to you who is at fault?), and has remained. And -- even though the survey company claims coincidence - the camper who has had next year's deposit returned and who has been asked not to return, received a survey asking for his opinion of the campground and management. Now really! Does anyone believe that one? So -- if you want a beautiful setting with management and staff that one French Canadian described as UGLY, this might be the place for you. Oh, bring lots of money. You won't get the amenities, but you will pay for them.

Received from Fred H for visit in Mar 2007

Site Number:102
Stay Again? NO
Signage directing you into the park is poor. One obscure sign near main road easy to miss. (Thanks for GPS). Probably my fault but I never asked if they were a Good Sam Park. However, they never asked if I was a Good Sam member either. Most places have the courtesy to ask. There were no Good Sam signs that I noticed anywhere at the facility. That was a $28 discount/mistake that I'll never see. There was confusion upon arrival as to the power requirements I needed and I probably paid for 50 amp service although I only needed 30 amp. I was originally booked for a 30 amp site (#169) but that was changed between booking in August and arrival date. It was nice that I was brought to the site by an attendant. He was immediately reminded by my neighbor and it was pointed out to him that the dog messes from a previous camper still had not been picked up. The front office was also notified. (They allowed a camper with 5 dogs on the site.."ya gotta be kidding"). When I left 5 days later, the crap was still there. This is not acceptable....for $58.00 a night the campground management should be ashamed. Sites are small with many older long term rigs scattered about. It appears that there is some type of self contained treatment facility in the park next to the main office. Beware if you're in the area of sites 235, 236, 257, 258, because there was a constant stench coming from those tanks. Sewer connections are a long reach for some rigs (makes sure you have and extra 15' and a coupling) and cement patio pads are not situated well for most rigs. General appearance is OK and the park was quiet (except for the 5 AM whistle blowing train that runs adjacent to the property). For those rates, I would expect a lot more.

Received from John D for visit in Feb 2006

Site Number: 205
Stay Again? NO
This was a overnight stay for us. Very pricey cg. We had a pull-thru site which was all grass with a concrete pad. Sites are very close. Would expect more for the price. Overall, this cg not on our list to return to.

Received from Cindi for visit in Dec 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO

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