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Bethpage Camp-Resort

P.O. Box 178
Urbanna, VA 23175
No Email Address
11 Reviews
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We have stayed at bethpage for the past five years during the oyster festival, the first thing I notice every year is how unpleasant the staff is, sometimes even rude. We come anyways because we enjoy the festival. I have always felt it was a bit overpriced. This year however they informed us that the price went up 20.00 per night conveniently two weeks before our arrival. We had to pay the full reservation in advance, and if you cancel in less than 30 days y ou lose the money you paid, this was very deceitful. So it now is basically $100.00 a night. The staff never said thank you for coming, enjoy your visit. They are not helpful, twice we were trying to talk to someone, and they turned their backs on us and walked away. We spoke to other groups, and everyone expressed the same concerns, many said they were not returning next year.

Received from Anna for visit in Nov 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
This campground has spacious level sites, a nice waterpark and lake. Wonderful place for small children. The only problem I have is the price per night! Camping WAS suppose to be an affordable vacation to take, but at $75.00 per night,plus tax, I think the price is ridiculous!! I know, there is a water park now, but I can stay at a Disney World campgound for less and also stay at the Nickelodean Hotel for less than what they charge for their one bedroom cabins. Then, if you camp with more than 4 people, they even charge you MORE money per night.

Received from Colleen for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
Our stay was in November 2010. Arrival check in was as easy and quick as it could be. Our site was shaded and level on grass. The park was clean on the exterior. Weekends are very busy in this park, to the point that two units are put on what would normally be a site for one unit. Our reservation was for a site with 30 amp electric but we weren’t the first to arrive so we had to use 50 amp service for which we purchase an adapter at the well stocked cap store. They had a box of these adapters the size of a bushel basket. TV and water required splitters. The TV signal was poor with a snowy picture and the wifi was just not usable due to high traffic. Golf carts are used for personal transportation in the park, brig your own or rent one. They are everywhere and all users are not a careful as they should be. If we were to stay there again, it would not be on a weekend when the place is too pricy and way too busy.

Received from Bruce for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number: EG12B
Stay Again? NO
I have camped at Bethpage for the past 5 years and am wondering if so of the people who have given reviews have actually stayed there. The sites are well spread apart and most of the sites are shaded. Perhaps the ones complaining about no shade were one of the few unlucky campers that did not have shade all day long as most sites are shaded most of the day. They have many many activities through out the day to keep the little ones busy. The lake is an oasis with a beautiful white sandy beach and they sometimes have a DJ and a beach party on Saturdays nights. The crab feast is excellent but yes you need to buy tickets. I just can't imagine a person thinking a crab feast is free anywhere you go or would be included in the price of a camp site. Please people. But you know the people complaining about the place need not come anyway since they seem to have a warped opinion about SHADE, HAVING TO PAY FOR CRAB FEAST TICKETS and to say the camp sites are small is just ridiculous statement. And saying that permanent site people are a issue is just crazy as they are the most laid back people I've met. If you go to Bethpage and find that the campsites are too small etc then please tell me where you camp where everything is better so much better so I can go there also.

Received from John for visit in Aug 2008

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
I stay here with group reservations but would not stay here on my own. That being said, the campground has everything it says it does, but in limited quantities--and then mostly for it's full time residents. Bring your own golf cart and pay a huge fee to use it. Rent one and pay a bigger fee. Sites are well spaced off season but lack sufficient power/cable hook ups. Staff can be assertive and lacking in manners. Access to sites is fine with smaller rigs, anything over 30 feet is a bit tight to maneuver. They have good rally space, with both a general purpose climate controlled area and a smaller area that has heat but no air conditioning. Restrooms were well maintained but insufficient in size. For a park which packs them in awning to awning, they should have 5 times the restroom/shower capabilities. Definitely NOT VA's best--Nor is Cherrystone.

Received from Lisa R for visit in Jul 2008

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
This campground had plenty of things to do, the beach they advertise is on the river and is very small but it is sectioned off from the boat and people fishing so it is nice enough. We were there for the crabfeast weekend, which was $25 and did include alcohol. The bathrooms were the only thing that really lacked. They were in the same building with the toilets which I do not like and you can not control the temp. and they have a pull cord so it is hard to wash your hair. We ended up using the tiny shower in our camper because it was easier.

Received from Carissa for visit in Aug 2007

Site Number: Redbud
Stay Again? YES
We have camped at Bethpage several times. I don't get the hype about the place. It's over priced for what they offer. The pool is ridicuously small, the lake is dirty, the 2 bathhouses are a joke for the number of campsites. There is an over abudance of golf carts being driven either by underage drivers or drunk adults. The little lakeside snack shack is only open for the weekend campers. The staff is not what I call curtious. I had actually planned on storing my camper for the summer and had made quite a few reservations for the summer... They never processed the reservations and made no attempt to fix their error when it came to fixing the problem. I called and talked to no less then 4 women asking them to process my reservations and NONE of them EVER did it! Even thought they said they were and that the 'front desk manager' would be calling me. They were booked and could have cared less that they ruined weekends we had arranged to be there with friends. AND one last thing. The Halloween hayride that is designated for kids is NOT for kids!! And the woman who runs the place will get crappy with you when you point it out! Last year I knew people who stood in line for the dang ride for over 2 hours!! It wasn't worth the 2 hour wait! And at Easter the staff made it clear when doing the Easter activities that they had better things to do then play egg games with the large amount of kids they didn't plan well for!

Received from Christine for visit in Apr 2007

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
Despite its 5W Woodall's ratiing, this is NOT the best that VA has to offer. It is definitely a nice campground, but the many, many permanent sites can make you feel kind of like an outsider. The regular campsites are okay, but are a bit like camping on a football field. They're okay if not crowded because management does a pretty good job of spacing RV's; but otherwise, you're going to be pretty tight. There is LOTS to do, and the kids with us were never without an activity. BUT the golf carts are truly a MENACE! They are everywhere and on weekends its impossible to ride a bike or even walk safely for fear of being run over. Many teen drivers with cart loads of friends and more than a few few adults driving with their 'beverages' on board. For me, the golf carts spoil an otherwise nice really experience. The campground itself is pretty and well-kept with great ammenities...but forewarned is forearmed, so if you don't want to spend your vacation trying to walk thru the Indy 500 you should probably think about someplace else.

Received from Debbie for visit in May 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
Just got back from 4 nights at Bethpage campground. I have read other reviews, good and bad, this is just my opinion. It was like camping on a football field, there were some trees but for the most part just one huge field. If it wasn't off season, we would have been canopy to canopy with the next camper. There is about a dozen of pull thru sites on black top but really no room to extend. ALL of the water sites are seasonal, and there are PLENTY of those. The water view that they talk about, you would need to go behind the camp store and walk the pier, be careful small pier and no hand rails, have the little ones stay in the middle. BEWARE OF THE GOLF CARTS. They are all over the place, not to metion the pre teens that get on them speeding around, they have NO business driving especially with 5 to 6 people hanging from the cart. I witnessed a teenager being thrown from one and rolling across the street, she said she was ok. There was an elderly gentleman that reported it to the "host" that drives around, gave him the # but still saw the same group on the cart the next day. The bath houses were small, clean for the most part but small. There is only two shower stalls per bath house (out of the two bathhouses we used) and you must pull a cord to make the shower work, can't regulate the water...very fustrating when you are trying to bathe a child not to metion not a whole lot of room to move around. The same goes for the bathroom sink, one handle for hot and one for cold and you must keep them turned to get water so having cold and hot water running at the same time is impossible. The activities were ok but some of the staff can be very uptight and down right mean....I could understand if it was the end of the season but the beginning?? The beach front that they rave about isn't worth raving about especially the water. It is small and I am sure that it won't be acessible in season. The pools are small and next to each other, they wouldn't have fit the people that were there this pass weekend let alone in season. Gameroom isn't worth metioning...lack of one would better describe it. The putt putt golf and cafe is not part of the campground but you have easy access to it, A little pricey...$4 for children and $5.50 for Adults. As for renting boats, saw none...did see about 6 paddle boats not sure if they were safe but couldn't rent anything but golfcarts this weekend even though the lady on the phone last week said they had boats for rent. Go figure. As for the surrounding area.....not much of one. About 30 minutes to the nearest town with a large grocery store or Walmart and that is about all there is. I guess we are spoiled with our campgrounds in MD and PA, this may be the best VA has to offer, I am not sure but this is the 3rd one in VA that I have been to and the girls and I decided no more VA campgrounds. The only good part about of weekend was spending time together and meeting a wonderful family from Jersey. They were also disappointed with Bethpage.

Received from Sandy T for visit in Apr 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
Steamed Crab Feast Weekend was nice and very hot. Large Pull-Through Sites, Full Hook-Ups With 20/30/50,and Very Clean Restrooms


Received from Corey L for visit in Aug 2005

Site Number: 89
Stay Again? YES
Very nice campground and clean and friendly. Not recommended on Holiday weekend, but otherwise well worth the drive and stay.

Received from Keith for visit in 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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