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Davis Camp

2251 Hwy 68
Bullhead City, AZ 86429
No Email Address
13 Reviews
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please do not stick it to the bikers we love to come visit and camp is wonderful but its getting to expencive to camp anymore please do not over price the camping stay thanks biker family

Received from lt for visit in Jul 2011

Site Number: camp
Stay Again? NO
Its a ripoff the day of riverrun! I called to reserve and rv spot and they wanted to charge me $35 for my spot on top of that they want $40 per person just to be in d park, then I still have to go to civic center and pay my $30 for wristband. price gouge seriously makes me sick and im def not staying here again

Received from Miriam for visit in Aug 2013

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
Place is a total dump with outrageous prices! Save your money and search in vicinity before booking at Davis Camp. I stayed in one of their 2 bedroom rental homes and was quite shocked at how dilapidated the interior was. Carpet dirty, mold on walls. Dirty sheets, broken blinds I could go on forever. Beware with the Bait and switch scams when renting. You pay for your stay and they still want to charge you to drive your vehicle into the park per person with a wristband. Pretty @$$ backwards if you ask me. Look inside their homes before renting!

Received from Angel for visit in Dec 2013

Site Number:41
Stay Again? NO
Total rip off during the holidays and the river run ..They charge $40 per person for a friggen wrist band !!! They also jack the prices up for day passes and camping sites .You must also buy a three day pass even if your only staying a night biggest rip off !!!

Received from doris for visit in Mar 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
Davis Camp is a fun place to stay...except during the Laughlin River Run Weekend. Davis jacks the prices so bad that I and my family will no longer visit there. Instead of $15.00 per night, per campsite they gouge the public for $40.00 per visiter. If I bring my motorcycle trailer they stick it to me for another $15.00 per night! Criminals!

Received from John for visit in Apr 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
I have been coming to this site since 1994 with friends and family. Now that I a family of my own and kids, we still come and have a blast every time. We always stay for 3 days and have not regretted a single time. I recommend this to anyone. You are next to the river. Happy camping....

Received from Gyno for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
Our stay was actually July 4th weekend but the only choices for date of stay were up to June 2010. It is by far the WORST campsite to stay at. I would NEVER recommend it to ANYONE. The weekend was not only a bust but dangerous to boot. We got the hell outta dodge cause nobody was minding the store. What a joke. Take your sanity and go elsewhere.

Received from Debbie for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:10
Stay Again? NO
We came to Davis Campground for the 1st time in October of 2007 and have been coming back ever since!!! My boyfrined, our 13 yr old daughter and I have made it a tradition to come down there a few times a year! The sites are perfect, its quiet, theres a lot to do in the area with the Grand Canyon only 2 1/2 hrs away!! We'll be there again this weekend (4/3/09-4/6/09)and staying for 4 days!!! Keep up the great job!!!

Received from Kelly for visit in Oct 2008

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
Good, paved interior roads and reasonably wide sites. Close to the river and within a mile of Laughlin (just across the bridge). Reasonable rates. I only had one problem with the place -- they don't have any time limits on stays. This has encouraged many people to homestead and, in essence, make the campground semi-trailer park. Some units have been here in excess of 7 or 10 years. Many of the homesteaders have built semi-permanent add-ons and have junk, large dogs, and trash around their sites. A couple "decks" were made from stacked pallets then covered with wornout carpet. Some trailers were not licensed -- some have flat tires. The restrooms are dismal. This is the worst gov't campground I have ever stayed in -- I won't stay again. It is a shame the county has let this happen since the campground has a great location and super potential.


Received from VW for visit in Nov 2006

Site Number:B Area
Stay Again? NO
I am impressed how clean and nice the campsites are. Having a wireless connection to conduct my work is important but not needed since you should be on vacation. But yet here I am typing away writing this review. I read all the reviews and find that some people just had a bad time here because of others. I in return have had a great time and find access to launching my boat from here and mojave lake easy access. My area has not had allot of the partying type around. I would recommend to anyone it is well worth staying. The rates are fantasic for full hookups, $20 a night. People are friendly as well.

Received from JC for visit in June 2007

Site Number: B area
Stay Again? YES
We stayed in Davis camp in April of 2007 and intended to spend two nights there in the North Beach section. This was our second visit to this campground, but we will never return. I guess that when the largest sign that you see upon entering a campground office says "No Refunds," you should get suspicious. We spent the afternoon watching people race up and down a narrow stretch of the Colorado River just below the Davis Dam. We witnessed countless watercraft safety violations and were surprised that no actual collisions occurred, given that people were operating at high speeds within 20 feet of one another, plus towing and swimming without displaying an orange flag. Several jet ski riders had toddlers with them, and one even had a baby in her lap. Yes, a baby. If you enjoy a peaceful water setting, don't come here - it's noisy and thick with exhaust fumes. There was a large party going on a few sites down from us, with loud music, marijuana, drinking, and shouting. The music stopped at about 11:00, but the drinking and shouting only got worse. By the time I called the sheriff at 1:00 am, there were an additional six tents surrounding us, one of which was actually in our campsite. No wonder it sounded like the party animals were in our RV - they were right outside of our window. The sheriff dispatcher denied that they had any responsibility for the park and told me to call the National Park Service. I explained to her that I was in a Mohave County Park, and that as the Mohave County Sheriff dispatcher, it seemed that she would know who was responsible for patrolling it. She put me on hold and eventually gave me a phone number for a Ranger, but did not seem at all confident that it was correct. She then told me that there was nothing else she could do. Not wanting to call a wrong number in the middle of the night, we attempted to go back to sleep. In the morning I called the campground office and they sent a Ranger down to talk to the party animals. He yelled at them and told them to go pay for the campsite they were occupying, then attempted to get the squatters out of our camp site. However, from what I could hear, they had no ID and could not be issued a ticket. The Ranger made several calls and hung around for 30 minutes or so waiting for a call back, and from what I overheard he was attempting to have Immigration come and get them. When his efforts failed, he took mug shot photos of them and left. They then drove to the office, were allowed to register for the campsite, and returned to squatting in our site. The people across from us who had five tents and three vehicles paid for one of the vehicles, but not the others. We no longer felt safe, so we left. I stopped by the office and told them why we were leaving, but they said they were unable to refund my money. It appears that the campground office sells more permits than they have spaces, has no gate to close at night, and is not enforcing their rules. Whether they lack sufficient rangers or don't have the authority or jurisdiction to do what needs to be done is unclear. Needless to say, we won't be staying at Davis Camp again.

Received from Sue B for visit in Apr 2007

Site Number:41
Stay Again? NO
We started Camping here at Davis in 1999 and been coming back every year for the Laughlin River Run The Sites are nice,clean and big. The showers and bathrooms are clean. And to say the least the People that work there are very friendly and helpful. You couldn't ask for more.....

Received from Pam M for visit in Apr 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
This campground is located beside the Colorado River just before crossing the bridge from Arizona into Laughlin, NV. coming from Kingman, AZ. This campground is operated by the county, well kept, full hookups with 50 amp service, a county police sub-station on the premises, and very reasonable rates. We were headed for the AVI Resort campground when the wife noticed this campground by the river before crossing over to Laughlin. We pulled into AVI and were not very impressed with the dust bowl and very small sites, we turned around and pulled into Davis Campground after hours. No problem, they have envelopes at the gate, fill out the info, put $17.00 in it, and drop in the slot at the office. The following morning we registerd at the office to stay a few more days.

Received from Jer for visit in Jun 2004

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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