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Drummer Boy Camping Resort

1300 Hanover Rd
Gettysburg, PA 17325
14 Reviews
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Stayed off-season (April). Campsites were clean and gravel sites were nice. However, the roads to the sites twist and turn, making it very difficult to navigate with a larger rig. NOISE WARNING: as others have stated, this campground sits within a few hundred feet of a major freeway. The drone of traffic and tractor trailer jake brakes will vibrate your camper. Avoid the sites closest to the Office (or, just look at Google maps). Book a site that is in the 200 to 300s. We have friends that are seasonal campers at this resort and said you cannot hear the traffic in the upper numbers. Otherwise, we enjoyed our stay.

Received from Lisa for visit in Apr 2013

Site Number: 30
Stay Again? YES
Overpriced. Noisy. Very unlevel sites. No trash pickup. We camped in a Class A. Never have we encountered such a campground. No wonder they charge the full amount when you make reservations and have one of the worst cancellation policies.

Received from John for visit in Jan 2012

Site Number:178
Stay Again? NO
Highway was so loud could not sleep at all, told the front desk, (BTW we were in a tent) and asked if we could get a cabin for the same price of the tent site seeing as though moving a tent site is alot to do, and they said NO. Customer service is bad. Website says heated pool and that is a LIE. Pool was colder then my pool at my house. There is a $10 a day fee to ride water slides also. which is not mentioned until you get there. Gravel road sucked. Only good thing is the bathrooms were nice.

Received from Marsha for visit in Jun 2012

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
This campground was highly rated but was actually the worst one I've ever stayed at. It was 100 yards from interstate RT 15 and the road noise was terrible! There was no quiet outdoor time, only noisy trucks zooming past. We reserved for 2 nights at a higher rate then I've ever paid to take our travel trailer anywhere. We ended up leaving Saturday instead of staying the second night because of the noise!

Received from Bert for visit in May 2009

Site Number: 112
Stay Again? NO
VERY over rated campground! We stayed there years ago when it was family owned and was the BEST! It is now owned by big business and very expensive compared to other campgrounds in the area. Very noisey place with kids racing up and down the GRAVEL roads in the golf carts creating a lot of dust and noise. We camp to relax and you can never do that here. I guess if you have kids and don't mind all the noise and dust it's ok but NO FOR ME!

Received from Will for visit in Sep 2008

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
Very large campground with lots of activities for kids. Stayed seven nights and was placed in a seasonal site that next to impossible to level my 5ver. Bathrooms and showers very,very clean. Overall nice atmosphere at park. If booking reservation, do not let them put in a seasonal site as these are not the choice spots.

Received from Richard C for visit in Jun 2008

Site Number: 200
Stay Again? YES
We stayed off peak for campers but peak for leaves. It was very nice. Only had W/E and a BIG site. I would have stayed longer. Clean bathrooms. Very natural. No paved roads but good gravel raods. Quiet. The water slide and pool were closed and it was cold out at night. My neighbor was a big rock my son is standing on.I am sure it is busy in the summer. I have friends who go every year and enjoy it.


Received from Travis for visit in Oct 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
This was our first visit to this park and it came highly recommended by many people. I thought it was nice enough. Really clean bathhouses and restrooms. The sites are nice and big. The only thing I didn't like was the gravel sites and the fact that the place is huge! The pool with the slide was really far away from our campsite but we were close to the front pool. I recommend booking a site near the front if you have younger kids because of easy access to the playground, mini golf and activities. Older kids will be able to ride their bikes to the pond and back pool/slide.

Received from Angie for visit in Aug 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
Nice clean campground. Bathrooms kept clean and air conditioned. Nice pond to fish. Two nice pools one with a water slide. (have to pay to ride the slide) :( Nice store and snack bar. Could update the playgrounds, but what they have is enough. We had a nice time.

Received from Tracie for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number: 277
Stay Again? YES
wonderful campground, great staff. only problem was that they charge for wi-fi. Ithink they should provide free wi-fi. We recommend to everyone.

Received from Ron S for visit in May 2006

Site Number: 133
Stay Again? YES
We loved it! The park is set up well and exceptionally clean! The store, playgrounds, fishing pond and more were lovely. If you are tenting or using a pop-up the first part of the park is the best. If you are using a large RV, you can use the newer section which has less trees and is closer to businesses and the highway. For the summer, this park offers two pools and one water slide. It looks really nice. This is our favorite campground so far. We will definitely go back.

Received from Denise E for visit in Apr 2006

Site Number: 96
Stay Again? YES
300 sites. 250 gravel, 50 grass, 250 W, 88 S, 250 E (20/30 amps). Camp store, shower, laundry, pay phones, game room, snack bar, tennis court, mini-golf, volleyball, swimming, playground, fishing pond, hiking trails. No modem lines. Expensive rates plus extra charges. My husband has always been a civil war buff. So, understanding this it isn't difficult to understand how we ended up in Gettysburg. I'm not all that crazy about the shooting and military maneuvers but some of the personal diaries interest me greatly. So we both get what we enjoy. I looked through Trailer Life and found several campgrounds in the area. One thing I have to warn you if you haven't stayed near a "tourist attraction". During the summer months the campgrounds there are filled to capacity. So, it's usually a good idea to call ahead and make reservations. Also, these camps tend to add extra charges for things you take for granted in smaller, less popular parks. For example: in the park we stayed they added $7 per day for full hookups PLUS $2 per day for using your AC. The employees in the offiice were busy and curt. Also, although they have their own website they were not the lest bit interested in allowing us to access a phone line to get our Email. Remember, the bigger, busier the park the less likely they are to accommodate "unusual" requests. I can't say the park wasn't lovely, because it was. It was laid out in a very natural, tree filled setting. They had all the amenities. Maybe I just like the personal touch a little better.

Received from Laura M for visit in Jul 1999

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
The campground is GREAT and the hosts are most accomodating. During season April-October there are activities planned for each weekend. We have a group of 5 families trhat camp there regularly and we try to not miss the Halloween Weekend, or teh Apple Fest Weekends. July 4th is a difficult weekend to get a site as everthing books up early due to the Gettysburg reenactmaent. They have added a new section with a second pool and water slide. Yes it can be noisy, but repeat camper know where to stay in the park so the noise from the highway is not noticeable. Very close to many attractions and Walmart if you need one.

Received from Marsha M for visit in Oct 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
Extremely overrated camping "resort" had few things in operation after labor day. Interior roads poorly marked or maintained. We arrived after dark in the rain and I had to get out and walk in front to find the trails. We had to use 4-wheel drive to get out of our partially flooded campsite the last day and up a partially washed out interior road. Maybe in the summer everything they adversise is available, it wasn't in September. We were there to tour the battlefield so this wa an expensive parking place. Campground runs right along US Highway 11 bypass around Gettysburg and the noise of truck Jake brakes kept me awake most nights. Additionally the campground has no security whatsoever, anyone can drive in or out any time of the day or night. We were unimpressed and will try another campground our next visit to the area.

Received from Chuck S for visit in Sep 2004

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO

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