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Devil's River Camper's Park

16612 Cnty Rd R
Maribel, WI 54227
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3 Reviews
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I am a single mother with 4 children. We love going to this campground. The owners are great and will go out of thier way to take care of the people staying there. I like that the campsites are not too far apart. It is a family campground and you get to know people that way. Each site does have a lot of room. I also appreciate that they close the park at 10:00. It makes things safer. The pool and bathrooms are cleaned regularly and are nice. The river is a wonderful place to have here also.

Received from Laurie S for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number: None
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It's been almost 2 years since we camped here. We never had the problems that the first reviewer had, but he does have a point...although I thought management was ok...but things change. Yes, if you are out past a certain time, you cannot drive your vehicle back to your site. Sites are close together, very little privacy. Showers/restroom were clean, and they have a swimming pool. The other problem is that the interstate is less than a 1/4 mile away so you hear the vehicles when they cross the bridge over Devil's River...I guess you get used to it in time....we'll go back someday....

Received from Toecutter for visit in Jul 2004

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
The Campground is very pretty with nice sites and the seasonal campers are all very nice, which is why we rated it a 3. However, the owner/management stink. If you are not back at your site by 10:00P.M.(Sun thru Thurs)and 11:00P.M.(Fri & Sat) you are LOCKED OUT of the campgrounds. You either have to wait in your vehicle until they open the next a.m. or walk up this big dark hill to get to the campsites (about a half mile walk). They don't care if you are disabled (they think you should then just sleep in your vehicle). As for any emergency services needed after the gate is locked they feel that the emergency personnel will call ahead for arrangements to get in ("set an appointment"). We told them we can understand keeping the campgrounds safe from hoodlums but they should at least put a code gate in or a card gate. We were told "that's not how we do things here". We then asked what if emergency services are needed after the gates are locked to get in and were told "it's never been needed before". It's to bad someone doesn't purchase this campground that has people skills, because it is a pretty campgrounds.

Received from Prcacowboy for visit in 2004

Site Number: None
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