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Six Flags Darien Lake

9993 Allegheny Road
Darien Center, NY 14040
5 Reviews
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Has undergone new manemgement in the last few years. Campground amenities are minimal; many wooded sites, some full hookups with concrete pads, then a large grassy area where you can setup in most any direction. One word of warning, if it has been raining these sites get muddy fast. There is a large pond for fishing. It is very easy to get into the park from the campground by foot or they have specific parking for the campers. Camping is considerably cheaper if you have season passes. Security patrols were constant in the campground, even days we stayed with concerts no concerns. It is noisy during those times, but this is not a state park campground...you have to expect a little nosier. Not a ton to do in the campground, but the primary reason to stay of course is easy access to the amusement park.

Received from Matt for visit in Jul 2010

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We hadn't camped tere for several years because it seems we always have an issue. We figured we would give it another shot because my wifes work had a family day there on Saturday. We stayed in the back on the full hook-up sites hoping for a little peace. When we pulled in there were 2 tents right on our site. Before backing in we called security to see what we should do since nobody was around. After the 3rd call and a half an hour they finally show up and tell us that a) we can't move the tents and b) there are no other sites available. He says to set up and when the tent owners return ask them to move them onto their site. These tents were right up to the edge of the paved drive on the awning side! If I would have opened my awning it would have completely covered the tents. About an hour later 2 EXTREMELY intoxicated men pull up in a pick-up on that site. They apologize and begin moving the tents when security arrives. One of the drunken fellows now becomes angry and is challanging the security guard. They should have thrown them out at this point but don't. After the tents are moved it's back to the bar or wherever to continue drinking. They show up about 4 hours later only now they have about 8 kids ranging in age from about 6 to 16. One of the drunks can't even stand but laying on the ground manages to get a fire going. The kids start messing with him now. They put sticks in the fire and get the ends glowing hot then waive it in front of his face and poke him with them (I find a sick sense of satisfaction in this by the way). He starts howling real loud and flailing his arms to get them to stop but his reactions are just too slow. After another hour or so they quiet down enough for us to go to sleep. About another hour later the worst looking MH I have ever seen pulls up. This thing had no muffler and was very loud. The driver appeared to have had more than his share of drinks as well. Every single person at that site (except for he fire starter who was now passed out) were screaming directions to the driver who was backing in to the site at about 30mph. He flew to the back of the site and came to a skidding stop only feet from the fire pit and our passed out neighbor. After another 15 minutes of yelling they all disappeared into their tents and the MH never to be heard from again. Saturday we went into the park before they were up and they were gone when when we came back for lunch. Darien Lake pretty much told us too bad so needless to say we will not be back.

Received from Chuck for visit in Jul 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
Campsite was in the wooded section and had lots of garbage from the previous campers. Utility and water hookups are on a common pole YARDS away so bring long cords and hoses! Noisy (very noisy) when there are concerts scheduled at the outdoor concert venue and it gets rowdy at night after the concerts are over. Nice pool and great campstore. Bathrooms were adequate but needed some updating. We would go to the nearby state park next time for some peace and quiet!

Received from Gala for visit in 2003

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
We stayed in the Water/Electric Area. No shade, bare field with posts that made positioning very difficult. It was a weekend with entertainment in the venue and the quiet hours were not enforced. The police were called three times to break up fights in adjacent campsites. My wife and I and grandson were exposed to violence and obscenity and park security was helpless. We had paid over $100 a night which included access to the rides. No refund was available and no alternative location was available either. Overall experience was hideous!!!!

Received from xctraveler for visit in 2005

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We have been to Darian Lake yearly for the past 6 years. It is a great park for families. We live in Canada and it is a affordable and fun way to camp. The family area of the camp resort is best. They have rental for those who don't have one and a hotel. We pull our own. They have regular sites and full hook ups. Book early if you want a shaded site. The comfort stations need some updating. Otherwise it's a great stay.

Received from Thumper for visit in 2005

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