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Wawaloam Campground

510 Gardiner Road
West Kingston, RI 02892
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3 Reviews
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I loved the campground! I found the pool beautiful and well kept. the park and basketball court was very clean and well kept. We did go golfing which was convient (a little run down but I hear they are going to be updating it and it did do it's job) This place is seemed very seperated from the world which was nice except for when you needed something. I think they could have had more activities for the kids however my children did just fine.

Received from Michelle for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number: 49
Stay Again? YES
It seems to me the staff/owners make up the rules as they go. For instance, the activities schedule claimed Friday night mini golf was from 7-10. When we got there at 8:30; the lights were out and it wasn't open. So we decided we'd play basketball. After walking all the way back to site to get the ball, we get back and they turn the lights out at 9:15. We went to the so-called "office" to ask next morning when they turn off lights and they said 10:00 or to "their discretion." They have a nice big pool and waterslide (which you do need to pay extra for). But, bring chairs because they don't have a single chair in the whole pool or waterslide area. I thought it was sort of a pain in 90 degree weather to have to carry your own chairs from site to pool to waterslide, especially when your site isn't close. As far as the rates, the $40/night price doesen't seem bad at first but then they charge an extra $3 a day for a dog, an extra $3 or $4/day to use your AC, and then extra money for the waterslide and mini-golf (which was barely open). People at a site near us got in trouble for having too many people at their site even though the other people were paying for their own site nearby. Another thing that bugged me was when my parents visited and my husband and I treated them to the "All you can eat breakfast". The 2 kids already ate at the site so we just got 4 buffets for $6.99/each. I let my son have 1 piece of bacon that I would have thrown out and not even 2 seconds later I'm bng tapped on the shoulder in trouble for "sharing" the buffet. I found that very annoying. I can see how they would need to monitor that to a point but it was absolutely ridiculous like he was staring at us waiting for us to do something wrong and all over a lousy piece of bacon... Then when we were using the slide, we asked if we could use the remaining waterslide rides we had left the next day. They said yes. Well, we kept waiting for it to open and finally went and asked somebody and they said it wasn't opening that day. Besides all those aggravations, the campground and sites itself were very nice; although I doubt we'll be going back anytime soon.

Received from Kimber for visit in Jun 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
I was irritated that they charge $3 per dog per night, which added an extra $30 to our 5 night stay. Plus, the showers are metered. But this was a nice, clean campground with a great pool and waterslide.

Received from Jim R for visit in September 2005

Site Number: 194
Stay Again? YES

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