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Lancaster Park Outdoor Resort

Lancaster, ON

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2 Reviews
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This place was a joke, we were there 5 mins. to only end up leaving and loosing our $200. We had read some good reviews about this place, so we decided to give it a try. Boy were we wrong. Got there the staff was nice, but once we got to out site things went down hill. We were put right in the front, were basically put were the rejects go. SWAP area. The land was so soft that out 32ft trailer ( that was only there 5min.) started to sink. In front of out lot, was huge pills of dead leaves and dirt. MOSQUITOS from hell, they were huge and sooooo many. We were there 5 min. and I walked out with 20+ bites. Went to complain about the site, they “tried” to help by giving us any site we wanted just as long as we stay on the same area. Complained again and they again “tried” to help by giving me site were the seasonal campers stayed, the only site that was free because it was next to the Dumping station. Ummm wonder why it’s the only one that is free ?????? THE SMELL. You get treated like 2nd class citizen in this campground, unless you are a seasonal camper. Sorry but never ever ever again.

Received from Monica Tavares for visit in May 2013

Site Number:201
Stay Again? NO
we selected this park based upon location and web page, campers beware. This park was the filthiest we have ever visited. No maintenance evident by the beer cans and garbage throughout the park. One main washroom that was covered in mold and had stall doors that were broken. Most of the toilets in the park are chipboard outhouses which explains the abundance of flies. Trees are not clipped as most sites are seasonal, maneuvering in / out of the park is dangerous. We phoned requesting 30 amp and were told yes, however 30 amp is for seasonals only so we were (5) rv using 20 amp on a single post. Forget this place and continue 1/4 mile up the road to the beautiful Glengary park.

Received from l macdonald for visit in Aug 2012

Site Number:188
Stay Again? NO

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