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Shenango Valley RV Park

Transfer, PA

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6 Reviews
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We were there over the Labor Day weekend and there was a terrible sewer smell in the lower part of the campground. Especially in the swimming pool area. Too many campers for the size of the campground????? We would/will not go back.

Received from Dale Brown for visit in Jan 2013

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Stay Again? NO
I encourage the owners of this sight to comply with their promises when registering.....we had to leave without a refund because they refused to allow us use of a tent for our grandchildren....we where careful to get permission...... we had their approval....my opinion...be honest in your dealings with your park users....do not make up bogus reasons after the fact......

Received from Jim for visit in Jul 2012

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Stay Again? NO
So my family planned for sevral weeks to go tho the Shenango RV Park in Transfer PA....SEEMED LIKE A GREAT IDEA.....but with all the care that was taken to make sure it would be a great family experience the owners of the park thought it would be nice to ruin such a dream.....they decided after the fact...that my daughter and husband and children where not family because we do not live in the same house ....which they claimed after the fact was required to put a tent on our lot with a minimal charge $120.00 for 2 days...at nine last night ALL of that changed with many never ending reason why the tent MUST come down....needless to say the weekend was ruined...my son inlaw and children went home.....my daughter stayed for the night....in the morning we found out because our name is Cunningham and her married name is Garasic we are NOT CONSIDERED FAMILY IN THE EYES OF THE OWNERS OF THE SHENANGO RV Park in TRANSFER Pa.....need I say more?......

Received from James for visit in Jan 2012

Site Number: 432
Stay Again? NO
Shenango Valley Retirement village. No fun at all for the "family with kids". The campground is amazing as far as looks and sites go but the owners fall short when it comes to activities.Be prepared to "walk on pins and needles" and follow their RULES.(the golf cart rule is the biggest joke i have ever seen)My adult son is a state trooper and he is not permitted to drive my cart,The only time you see the owners is when you get out of line.They never find themselves "stopping" by just to greet you or see how thing are going.Poor P.R.SKILLS

Received from JOE CAMPER for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:123
Stay Again? NO
We were seasonal campers there and over the years we began to have more and more concerns about the campground owners and the way they treated their customers. They were all about the money, that was their number one concern, not their customers. They became increasing rude and nasty. They have rules about golf carts that nobody other than the 2 adults on the contract is allowed to drive the golf cart. My 19 year old son was not permitting to drive the golf cart to the showers,although he was allowed to drive his car. Kinda silly if your looking at it from a safety perspective. Your dog had to be on a leash at all times which was understandable, although the campground owners allowed their dogs to run around off leash all the time, the dog would aggregate the other dogs in the campground and also beg for food at your picnic table. Friends of mine came to visit one day and they were told to ask her children not to pet the dog,because he did not like kids. Her children were fearful all weekend when the dog would come Round and beg for food or come near their tent. I would not recommend this campground especially if you have children.

Received from Kristi for visit in Sep 2011

Site Number:452
Stay Again? NO
I would not recommend this camp ground to anyone looking to have a friendly, family oriented camping experience. Unfortunately, I was harrassed by a cleaning staff for using the one and only restroom with showers between the morning hours of 8am-10am. Yes, they clean their restrooms during the MOST inconvenient times of the day, when most campers are waking up and wanting to get showered and ready for the day. The way that the cleaning woman spoke to me was so disrespectful and I felt verbally attacked. They do not post the cleaning hours so that you are aware of what times they are closed, which makes it very confusing. The hayride that was scheduled for the children was cancelled, and it was not raining. My kids were disappointed. If it was not for the friendly campers, I would have left a day early. They also charge you for EVERYTHING! My family will not be using this campground again.

Received from Kelly for visit in Sep 2011

Site Number:52
Stay Again? NO

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