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Fossil Rock Recreation Area

24615 West Strip Mine Road
Wilmington, IL 60481
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7 Reviews
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The place is a total dump. Trash abounds the majority of the seasonal sites. Children driving golf carts with out supervision at all hours. The roads are mud pits. Stay away. The management consists of the most inept people on the planet. My guess there related to one of the higher ups due to the fact they would never get a management job in the real world. Got a kick after noticing the key pad by the front gate is propped up by cement blocks!

Received from William for visit in Aug 2013

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
Hello: My name is Ron and I am the father of five daughters. A few times each summer I take the time to take usually three of my daughters camping at Fossil Rock. I have read all the reviews, both positive and negative and would like to add my feedback. Every time I have arrived at Fossil Rock the daughters and I have been happily welcomed by Wayne. Since I do not bring all my daughters at once, he has always allowed me to pitch two tents on one campsite. The property appears to be very clean and well maintained. Every time I have stayed, including last week, the washrooms and showers were also very clean. (Clean floors, clean counter tops, clean toilets, clean showers, full paper towels and toilet paper) Even the portable toilets around the grounds were clean and surprisingly no smell. As for comparing this area to a Yogi Bear park, people are correct don’t. If you are looking for someone, or something, to keep your kids occupied then by all means go to Yogi Bear. If you are looking forward to doing things and spending time with your kids come to Fossil Rock. When I was young and my brother and I went camping with our dad we slept in tents with no floor out in the middle of nowhere. Today my kids get a nice tent with a floor and roof vents. That is modern enough for me for camping. We arrive and the kids help to set up camp. We start a fire and cook all of our meals over a fire. If you don’t bring wood, someone like Brian will sell you wood. My kids go hiking with me through the back area trails. Sometimes we go fishing. Sometimes we take the top off the Jeep and do a little trail riding. (This is not an area for 4 wheeling and tearing up the ground. Tread lightly.) As for the other people, everyone has been nothing but friendly with us every time we have been here. I’m going to head out to Fossil Rock this Sunday again for a few days. If you see the white Jeep parked by two tents, come on by and say hello.

Received from Ron for visit in Jul 2013

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
Stayed at a "year round" site for 26 days next to the open field. Not sure what the reason is for the delay in returning my deposit but to date 12/24/12 I have not seen it. The manager continues to tell me he is working on it. Not sure if that means the return or just keeping it.

Received from Jim for visit in Oct 2012

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
It was difficult getting the deposit returned

Received from Billy for visit in Jun 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
Love it , Love it. New Management is great. Clean quiet, wooded, well maintained. Tons of actiovities. Will be a seanon camper for years to come!

Received from Toni for visit in Dec 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
Fossil Rock Recreation Area is under New Management. What does that mean? New and exciting things are happening here. Roads and bathrooms being updated. Wi-Fi being added for all campers to use. Recreation Area being updated and relocated. Gone will be those elements that make for a bad week of camping. Lots of great events planned for the summer. If you have been here before and were not happy this is the year to return. Look forward to seeing you.

Received from wayne for visit in Dec 2011

Site Number: 1
Stay Again? YES
This campground is one of the worst campgrounds that we have ever stayed in. It was a mud hole,trash all over the place beer bottles litter campsites even on sites not in use.The sewer was non functional,when you dumped it came up out of the ground in a different place and the management didn't seem to concerned.Water pressure was almost nonexistent. Poor tv reception and no wifi .It has been this way for a lot of years,I keep hoping they will improve it but they don't!

Received from William for visit in Oct 2009

Site Number:53
Stay Again? NO

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