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Pearl Hill State Park

105 New Fitchburg Rd
West Townsend, MA 01474
978 597-8802
No Email Address
2 Reviews
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The campground was nice and well kept the only problem is that the advertise swimming and fishing. I do not believe there is any fish in this swamp like pond and the water is infested with leaches. I know this because they were on my daughter. Overall if your just looking to camp its nice but please take caution if using the poor quality of a pond.

Received from Carrie for visit in Jul 2012

Site Number: 20
Stay Again? YES
Pearl Hill Campground is a scenic forest-oriented state park not far from Boston and equipped with the average amenities common for rural northeastern state parks. Nothing in particular stood out with this place that would warrant me planning another trip there but it wouldn't be fair to call my experience a complete bust. The campground is in an isolated wooded area only an hour’s drive from Boston. Typical campgrounds that I have experienced usually border some significant body of water, a characteristic which always appeals to me (call me a traditionalist). But this park, for all intensive purposes, has no such body of water except for a backyard and swampy pond. One nice feature to Pearl Hill is that the campsites are reasonably spaced apart as Massachusetts public campsites go (don't get me wrong - it's not like Thoreau in Walden). But I did have some feeling of seclusion and I wasn't bothered by those typically annoying RV campers. Each campsite is equipped with your standard picnic table and fire pit (actually an elevated grill instead of the circular metal pit). I am a tent camper (soon to be one of those annoying RV campers with the crappy weather I experienced at Pearl Hill over the weekend) and each site had a special area for the tent that is slightly elevated, raked completely level, and consisting of gravel to facilitate proper drainage in case of rain. Any tent camper that has been around the block a few times can appreciate this! There isn’t too much in the way of activities at Pearl Hill. If swimming is an important element to your camping experience, this ain't the place for you. While technically this campground supports swimming (and I use ‘technically’ in the strictest sense of the word), the swimming area amounts to a shabby beach and a marshy, murky pond. You can probably swim the length of the pond in a few minutes (although you wouldn't want too since half the pond is virtually unswimmable unless you are into cottontails and algae and swamp swimming is your thing). I can only imagine all the bacteria festering in those waters. However there is a small brook-fed pond a few miles away run by the state that offers cleaner swimming conditions (again, we’re not talking a lake here – this swimming area is about as small as the campground pond-just less swamp-esque). We did not go on any trails but the campground map indicated really only one trail of any significance (to the good pond actually). Obviously I didn't expect Pearl Hill's bathrooms to resemble the heads at Buckingham Palace. However these bathrooms were somewhat appalling (there was this barnacle-like mold spreading all over the floors in the men's bathroom which I affectionately called "the growth"). It was clear to me that bathroom maintenance wasn’t a core priority of the campground, at least from the men's side. I did find the rangers very friendly and helpful and the isolated aspect of this place cannot be overlooked. Overall, meh, but what can you do?

Received from James for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number: 14
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