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Salem Farms Campground

39 Alexander Rd
Salem, CT 06420
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10 Reviews
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I became a seasonal here last year, after coming weekends for two. My familes experience has been nothing but positive. The staff and owners are freindly, the park is extreamly clean, and the rest rooms check hourly. The pools also are very well maintained.

Received from paul for visit in May 2013

Site Number: 31
Stay Again? YES
We had a seasonal here for a few years, but are leaving. The staff is very rude, the bathrooms are usually dirty and never have paper towels, and the staff do not take noise complaints seriously. I could not agree more with the previous review that says the owner acts like he is doing you a favor by letting you camp there.

Received from J for visit in May 2013

Site Number: seasonal
Stay Again? NO
We came for one week and stayed three. We are in a large Class A diesel and were well accommodated. Many sites suitable for big rigs but all sizes of rigs, trailers and tents are welcome. Loved it all. Great staff and friendly campers. Dancing and live music. Hay rides, if you can believe it. Wonderful. Really comes alive on weekends. Clean and well managed. This is a family friendly "camp ground" not a "resort." Not suitable for your drunken, fraternity party. Beautiful surroundings and near attractions from New London to farm stands and charming small towns and antique shops.

Received from Stephen for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number: several
Stay Again? YES
I became a seasonal camper at Salem Farms this year. This is the best choice I could have made. The owners have spent money to upgrade this campround and it shows. We have made many new friends and the owner talks to you and makes you feel welcome. If you are a drunk this campgound is not for you. Like the last one we stayed at. Lots of things to do for kids as well. Eat at the food bar excellent prices for the family. The pool is the cleanest I have ever seen great pride is taken to make sure the bathrooms are clean as well.

Received from Rich for visit in May 2012

Site Number: 154
Stay Again? YES
I have been camping at Salem Farms Campground seasonally for the past 8 years. My family and I took a short break due to the birth of my daughter, but have been back for the past 4 years and have signed our contract for next year!! The campgound is family owned and run. I can tell you, being a business owner myself, that nobody will run a business better than the owners themselves. They take great pride in their business and will do whatever they can to provide an enjoyable camping experience. My family began camping there the first year that the campground was under new owners. The current owner is driven and always striving to upgrade and improve, even when it is not necessary. When my husband and I were first looking into seasonal campgrounds, Salem Farms was run down and needed much work. But after speaking with the owner, we knew we have found our kids second home!! This family has worked incredibly hard to get the campground where it is today. It is extremely clean and well organized. There are many activities for children to participate in and lifelong friendships WILL be made. The security I feel for me and my children at this campground is second to none!!!

Received from coleen for visit in Sep 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
I have been a seasonal here for a lot longer then 12 years. I fully appericate the changes in this park. So when you read a review from a rude obnoxious camper whom was asked to leave take it with a grain of salt as they say. Come down and enjoy this sucessful campground and all it has to offer. Good food,great ice cream, wonderful family time without a loud nasty neighbor to ruin your childrens experience. BYE Mic!

Received from Ron for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number: seasonal
Stay Again? YES
Seasonal for 12 years New owner,who used to be a seasonal camper,seems to think he is doing everyone a favor by letting you camp there. Very poor business man and also not a people person. 70% of all seasonals 5years ago have left. Most were there for 8-10years. All new campers stay 1 year or so and leave.

Received from Mickey Dagostino for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
We are new to camping and looked at a number of campgrounds in CT. I found Salem Farms to be clean, open and the staff friendly and helpful. There are two pools that are kept sparkling clean and plenty of activities for kids.

Received from Jim for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
We've stayed here twice - our latest being this June. This is a campground with quite a bit going on. There are two pools, the one in the front is for the smaller kids and adults, the one in the rear is for the older, rowdy kids. There are a lot of other activities and things to do - daily hayrides, etc. This is a very family oriented campground. Most sites are seasonal but there is an area in the middle of the campground for the transients. The further down the hill you go, the better the sites seem to be. Our first time here was in 2005 and it was over 100 degrees and the campground DID have power issues when folks had to turn on their A/C units. This did not go over well with me. We decided to give them another try this year and I do not regret it as this time, it went a lot better (It also wasn't very hot! mid-80's). This campground is dog-friendly, we walked our dogs around and there are plenty of places to "potty" them. They've added on-site trash cans, (one for garbage,and one for recycling), which was very nice. There is also a little area up front where the goats are and for a quarter, you can feed them. We camped here in a Motorhome.

Received from Anon for visit in June 2009

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
I have been camping all my life. I camped all through my childhood and now that I have children o my own. I have been to every every campground in Ct. Plus several other in New England. I was at Salem Farms on other time as a child before The new owners and it was a mess. I decided to try it again in 07 for a weekend and I was glad I did. I have never felt more comfortable at a campground. The most important thing about this campground is it is very family oriented and safe. The seasonal campers are awesome and friendly and everyone looks out for eachother. The campground has two pools, two playgrounds, a rec hall, mini golf, my favorite tennis a large beautiful field petting zoo bingo on Fri,Dj or live band on Sat. and activities for the kids all day long. The store is stocked well and the owners and their children are hands on people. They are always there to help and make the stay joyful and comfortable. Anyway, I enjoy many campgrounds in Ct and never pictured myself becoming a seasonal camper. But after a few weekends in 07 at salem farms by Sept I signed a contract for a seasonal site. 08 was the best camping year and I can't wait to return in May. Trust me, I know that the economy is really bad right now, Camping is a inexpensive way to vacation with your family. Don't waste your money going somewhere else.

Received from Melissa for visit in May 2009

Site Number: 125
Stay Again? YES

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