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McCaslin Mountain

W15720 County Hwy F
Silver Cliff, WI 54104
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1 Review
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We acutaly did not end up staying at this campground because it did not look like a camping area at all. Looked more like an apple picking field in the back (not camping area) and a deserted grass field (seriously). WIDE open "camp" areas with no trees. I don't remember our camp site number (all were about the same) but our camp "area" had 1 tree! ONLY 1 TREE!!! Other camp areas were right next to eachother - no trees, nothing. No privacy whatsoever. Main road was only a few feet away as well. ONLY 2 portal bathrooms! and showers costed about $2+ for 5 min shower in a not very clean and nice showering area as well. I took a photo of the site, but deleted it because the other site that we ended up staying at was BEAUTIFUL. (had to make room in my camera for photos at CHUTE POND CAMPGROUNDS - 20min away). McCaslin's website is VERY misleading. All their pictures look so nice with TREES in the background, when in reality, there are NO TREES!!!!!!!! All the fishing area that they said was near the campround were over 30min drives away. No close beach, nothing!!!!! The owners home was right next to camp area as well. It was VERY disapointing!.. We ended having to find another camp ground (CHUTE POND) because we had over 10+ campers and were looking for a good camp area to have fun and enjoy ourselfs. We traveled over 3+ hours to go camping there but instead wasted our gas! DO NOT CAMP HERE IF YOU WANT TO BE ONE WITH NATURE BECAUSE THERE IS NO NATURE!

Received from Missy for visit in May 2009

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