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Spavinaw State Park

Hwy 82 S
Spavinaw, OK 74366
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1 Review
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The restrooms/showers were really awful. They were dilapidated and filthy. It looked like the very unpleasant camp host did not clean them at all. The women's shower drained more in the main restroom drain than the shower drain so the entire bathroom filled with nasty water. The shelves in the shower were bent or broken and gone so there's no place to put your stuff while you shower. The bathroom doors are broken, the sinks have holes, there was no handsoap, no paper towels, and cobwebs filled with bugs everywhere. We think people that frequent the area just trash the place- leaving wrappers, toilet paper, cans etc in the bathroom. Large parties (75-100 people) come to the picnic areas, stay ALL DAY, trash everything, and are not required to contribute fees for camping because they aren't staying through the night. This is unfair for the rest of the park patrons. Aside from all of that, this park is pretty small, right next to the hwy and fills up quick. They tried to cram too many sites in a small area. We prefer quiet, peaceful and picturesque camping. This place is like a street in a subdivision. Gaggles of screaming kids, tons of cars, loud motorcycles everywhere non-stop. We drove 3 hours to get there and it was NOT worth it. We do not recommend this park to anyone (unless you litter and have screaming kids).

Received from Monica for visit in Jun 2009

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