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Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

PO Box: 1810
Pincher Creek, AB T0K 1W0
No Email Address
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2 Reviews
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This campground was nice and quiet. Our site was nicely treed and private. My only complaint is we were not visited by any staff and the washrooms could use more cleaning. The stall walls were not cleaned while we stayed there. I realize it is busy, but that extra cleanliness goes along way. I would stay there again.

Received from Laura for visit in Jul 2013

Site Number: 43
Stay Again? YES
PROS: Sunshine Kid Friendly Pet Friendly Clean Quiet Natural Fishing, swimming, paddling CONS: Ants (not a deal breaker) Gravelled pads (not nice for tents) ======== After searching online for a campsite that met our requirements (Lake, Playground, Nature) we settled on Beauvais Lake and it was an almost perfect choice for us. Since Canada Day was on the Wednesday in the middle of our trip, I was a bit concerned about getting a spot and anticipated the park would be busy for the whole week. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived around 2:30pm on Monday afternoon to find the walk-in sites empty, and the RV sites nearly empty... The overnight camping sites in the park are actually divided into two areas - walk-in tenting sites, and drive-in RV/Tent sites (along with group sites, which I can't really comment on other than to say I walked through one and found the hut there was nice and seemed like it would be fun to sit in and tell stories with a large group of friends). We initially wanted a walk-in tent site, as we did not want to tent near the RVs and the walk-in sites were in a more secluded and "natural" area. However, the tenting sites were one of the few issues we had with this awesome park. There were ants, ants, and more ants... Every site had at least some ants, which we maybe could have put up with, but the site we wanted also had a bird's nest right at the edge of the tall grass, with momma bird fiercely defending it. This combined with the fact that the park practices "Bare Campsite" (meaning you have to store your food and "smelly" items in your vehicle) which meant a 5 min walk for meals made us decide to go to the "RV" side of the park to see what was available. And now comes the second and only other complaint about this campground - the sites on the RV/Tent side are all gravel - not nice for tenting on. We looked at all of the available spots and decided #75 was the best for tenting. It was near the entrance to the campsites, only one other lot nearby, close to the lake and trails, and reasonably close to an outhouse. There was an open area behind the lot overlooking an open marsh type area (not very wet, but not completely dry) that gave the site a wide open feel. We pitched our tent near the back of the site, after moving all of the large and/or sharp pebbles we could find. Bringing a footprint/groundsheet for the tent would have made this less of an issue, but we don't have one for this tent yet so sharp rocks were definitely a concern. The site was almost perfect, moderate sun in the morning, good sun around noon, then trees offering shade in the afternoon meant it never really got too hot for us or the kids. Since we were practicing "Bare Campsite", we left our cooler and canned/dry food in the car. Which as I mentioned before would have been annoyingly far if we were in one of the walk-in tent sites. The lot came with a picnic table and a fire pit with a half-grill on it, perfect for steak or hot dogs. Neighbours - As we found out, everyone in the park seemed really friendly and would say hi on their way to fish or hike, many with their dogs or kids in tow. There were lots of bikes zipping around the campground as well. No one was loud, in fact we barely ever heard *anyone*, even on Canada Day after the park had reached almost capacity... Hiking/Boating - To our dismay, the lake was a touch windy on most days for us to take our canoe out, since we have an infant and toddler, and we are just getting used to canoeing. But on the days where the wind was calm (or in the morning and evenings) the water was perfect for canoeing, and the lake was a good size for paddling across in about 30-40 mins to hike or play on the other side. We play the sport of Geocaching, and were pleased to find (before leaving) that there were 3 caches in the park. One was a nice leisurely walk, the other we could not find (but saw some interesting things on the way) and the third was a 1 hour hike up a hill to a spectacular view of the park, the surrounding plains, and the Rocky mountains. We stayed in this campground for a week, and I have to say it is one of the best campsites we have been to. Good for kids, dogs, bikes, young, old, RVs, tents, hikers, and fishers. If I were to submit a suggestion to Parks Canada, it would be to make the "RV" side of the park a little more tent friendly (i.e. a few grass lots) There are two playgrounds here, with swings, slides, and monkey bars, great for kids. On the way home we stopped at Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump (really cool) and the Candy Store in Nanton (mmmm, sugar) Enjoy your stay in this amazing park P.s. It is only a 30 minute drive to the town of Pincher Creek, where the Walmart Super Centre will provide you with anything you've forgotten, and a hospital if you need it.


Received from Mike for visit in Jul 2009

Site Number: 75
Stay Again? YES

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