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Arrowhead Point Camping Resort

33975 US Highway 24 N
Buena Vista, CO 81211
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2 Reviews
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Most of the reviews I give I would assume would be positive, lets look at this. I love to camp, I got a great motor home from a person that I know consider a friend. I spend time with my wife and my son, and often we are joined by friends. What is there not for me to like. So really reviews should start on a pretty strong base. Well I canít say that about Arrowhead in Buena Vista. We had high hopes, the camp ground was gorgeous, I mean the trees were all in full color and nestled right against the mountains. That is about where my trip reached it high mark. As soon as I pulled in I was greeted by a bitter woman, who I think owns the place and well even though the price was fair, I was shocked to hear what was coming next. I was required to have a golf cart expert escort me to my site. Now this would have been a nice feature if the escort was there to just help me find the site, but I was told that to many people have damaged property because they could not park their rigs. Now this was my second or third trip in this rig and I can tell you that I could have easily parked it without their help. I wish that policy was all that I had to say about the negatives about this site, but it did not stop there. My son went to the registration area where they had a nice wooden swing. His friend and him were swinging, Maybe it was a bit to hard, I donít know I was not there. The owners however told him that the swing was not meant be used as a swing. However, when my wife and I were down there sitting and swinging, we heard not a single complaint. We really had the feeling that they were not very children friendly. I guess I look at camping as something you do with your family, and that should mean my whole family should have a good time. I guess we were out of luck. On the positive sideÖ They did have a horse shoe pit that even though was not in good condition we still had fun. The sites were well maintained and the water pressure was good. There was even a putt putt golf area to play around in. I talked to the male owner about placing a Geo Cache and he did not seam to like the idea. He did not want people coming into the area without paying. He was very concerned about the river rats (People that lead the White Water Rafters) using his showers. I was surprised that he didnít just offer them a shower for a small fee, but what the heck who am I to say how he should run his business? I can tell you we wonít be back, I wonít recommend, and I will make sure that the next time Iím in that area we stay at a different campsite.

Received from Chris for visit in Jan 2009

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Stay Again? NO
Our FMCA 4Wheelers had a rally at this park and were very pleased with the owners and their help to make our stay very comfortable.If you plan a rally or just yourself you will be pleased with this camp ground.

Received from Jerry for visit in Sep 2008

Site Number: 31
Stay Again? YES

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