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Chips Folly Campground

100 Chips Folly Road
Bass River Township, NJ 08087
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11 Reviews
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first off this was a quiet and peaceful campground and the people seemed nice but it is rundown and not much to do and one of the owners sons the one with the tattoos is a very rude person and needs some serious social skills on how to talk to a person there was drunks wandering around on the 22nd of june 2013 grown adults with kids smoking weed and god knows what else at the picnic area while 8 year olds ran around free the ponds might as well be lifeless swamps and you got foul mouthed teenagers on bikes horrible place to go and relax.

Received from joe for visit in Jun 2013

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Stay Again? NO
I LOVE THIS PLACE! Came upon this site by accident I also believe in doing only 5 mph. It soumds silly at first, but it only takes a second to kill a kid. Chips if you and the association want to have activities then why not! It makes for a better campground! loyal camper

Received from n for visit in Jan 2012

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Stay Again? YES
i am just going to address the October 9th 2011 comments.. i am the son of the owners... you were told to slow down in the camp ground 4 times for speeding past my house and all around the camp ground.. you were on your last straw when you started an arguement with my brother in law for no reason. but you failed to mention that. you also failed to mention the fact that my mother had told you when you checked in that there would be a 30th birthday party going on for a good portion of the night, and you guys are the ones who said "oh thats fine maybe we will come up and join them" and as my friends who stayed in the cabin across from you guys recalls you were sitting near your fire drinking the entire night and having your own fun. you didnt appear to be trying to get sleep. and also you were never told to "f*** off" when it came to getting your money back. all the people who attended my party were 25 and older. with the acception of my babysitter who was there with my children for some cake and food and my nieces and nephews who were there also for food and cake. they were all home by 10. and read our brochure... we never accept groups only families. so clearly you stating a group of 12. you would have been kicked out anyway because we would have never allowed that.

Received from for visit in Aug 2011

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Stay Again? NO
this place was unkempt, bath house roof was being held up by jacks, pavilion being held up by a chain. showers in bathrooms had no drains so you have to stand in dirty water. owners were rude. i would never recommend anyone stay here. i wouldnt camp there if it was free!

Received from Jerzey for visit in Oct 2011

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Stay Again? NO
The owners had a party the 2nd night we were there that had music till 1am near our tent. When we asked for or money back so we could leave for the owners violating their own rules we were told to f*** off... By the owners! They also seemed to be hosting a lot of under age drinkers at this party who were also rude to usas we packed up at 1230am. If I had kids I would have called the police.

Received from David for visit in Oct 2011

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Stay Again? NO
My family loves it there the people are great there pool is very nice n there river is a great place to take the kids fishing n boating.We been to other campgounds but CHIPSFOLLY was the best The owner are the nices people around they will do anything to help you this campground is number 1 in the state of New Jersey.At CHIPSFOLLY you are not just A friend u are Family.Thank You Nancy n Paul n the campgound Staff for making my family so happy see you all soon.LOVE THE WRIGHTs

Received from Josey Wright for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number: 115
Stay Again? YES
The owners are very nice my kids had A great time in the game room n the pool n we went out on out boat the ramp is very nice n so is the dock the people are so friendly there we will be back this summer. Thank You ChipsFolly

Received from Rock for visit in Jun 2010

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Stay Again? YES
Chipsfolly was a great place to take my family bathroom where clean the owner where very nice me and my family spend the whole at the river fishing it was nice cant wait to go back

Received from Mr.Mrs. Power for visit in Jun 2010

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Stay Again? YES
We have been seasonals here for the last 11 years or so. We love it and come down every weekend. The rest rooms are kept well, the owners are terrific. The atmosphere is one of freindliness and everyone helps anyone out who needs it. Cannot recommend it enough!

Received from Della for visit in Apr 2010

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Stay Again? YES
I have been going to Chips Folly for over 8 years and it is a great place to camp. The owners are great people and will help you when ever you need it. As far as the lifeguard situation at the pool you are right there is none, but you are not allowed in the pool unless you are over 16 and this is clearly stated with the many many signs they have all over. There are security cameras at the pool and the owners check regularly to make sure that the children have adult supervision. As far as the drunks go yes I am sure there are some they are on vacation and camping after all and they sit by their campfires and enjoy themselves without bothering anybody. The animals are well taken care of(they are fed and the cages cleaned on a daily basis)and some of them have been around for many many years. The river has a cute little beach and a boat ramp and dock if that is your thing. They have nice cabins to stay in and they are kept clean and they have many campsites if you like to tent it. The bathrooms are checked several times a day and I have never found them to be in bad shape but you are in the woods after all. For the kids there is and arcade, a playground and a basketball court. I have seen many happy kids running around so it must not be too bad. Anyway I hope to enjoy many more years at Chips Folly. It is a great place with great people.

Received from JB for visit in Apr 2010

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Stay Again? YES
My son-in law had a a seaonal site there for years. Cesspools not cleaned out & over flow on the ground.. Owner tells you to let you grey water drain out on the ground. No life guards. Not at pool or river. Lots of drunks & no security at all. No trash pickup. Lots of animals owned buy the park have died over the years because they weren't taken care of. Used to be a nice place but I would fear for children to swim in that dirty pond as the cesspools are never cleaned out. Shame as years ago it was a very nice place to camp.

Received from John for visit in Oct 2008

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