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Camp Toodik

7700 Township Road 462
Loudonville, OH 44842
No Email Address
4 Reviews
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Under average amenities…. The bathrooms are a step below what you would expect from a campground that hasn’t been updated in 20 years. They have plumbing that is plumbed on the outside of the walls, dirty shower floors and mats that give you a feeling that you are showering in a horse stall. There is nowhere to hang your clothes, as their wall hooks are all broken or missing. So, you left strategically hanging all of your clean laundry on the rafters of the shower room and the doors to keep from falling and landing on their gross shower floors. With old and outdated amenities, they are well behind what modern day campgrounds have to offer their customers. Looking back, now I know why they were the only campground in Loudonville that had open sites over the holiday weekend. Plan ahead and book at one of the many other campgrounds in Loudonville so that you are stuck here as a last resort!

Received from Sarah for visit in Aug 2013

Site Number:D1
Stay Again? NO
Watch out for the racing canoe vans! The campground rules state “speed limit is 5 mph, strictly enforced, watch out for our children”. This is ironic because their own employees drive the canoe vans drive well over 5 mph through the campgrounds. This campground is also a canoe livery and all day their vans raced past my children who were playing at our campsite. Perhaps they need to enforce their own rules with their employees before they demand it of their customers.

Received from Mandy for visit in Sep 2013

Site Number:D2
Stay Again? NO
I thought this was a perfect weekend!! we spent 3 nites, with such a big group, we tend to get a little loud, but in the group area it is kinda of secluded,,had a wonderful time singing and conversing around the campfire..went canoeing, EVERYBODY was pleasant and friendly,,the swimming pool was clean and enjoyable..and the playground was enjoyed by the kids..we played softball and allowed all children to get involved,,I am looking forward to do this every year in the future..thank you Camp Toodik!! many fond memories!!! and im sure plenty more to come!!

Received from Linda for visit in Aug 2010

Site Number: group camp
Stay Again? YES
From the illustrations on their website and brochures, Camp Toodik looks like a lot of fun. I really think it could be. Our group enjoyed the canoeing on Sunday the 31st, as we lazily drifted down the Lake Fork Branch of the Mohican River, enjoying the late afternoon sun and scenery. Many of the staff members were friendly and helpful whenever we had requests; the Camp Toodik bus driver and assistants at both ends of the canoe ride were friendly and helpful. My group will have fond memories of our campfires, discussions, and laughter shared together from Friday evening to Monday afternoon. However, our entire weekend was also marred by camp "guests" refusing to follow the rules that were not enforced by the new owners/managers. Everybody registering for Camp Toodik is given the rules to read and follow. Around the corner from our rented lots was a couple that continually left their German Shepherd unsecured. Camp rules state that campers' pets must be secured at all times, or campers "could" be dismissed from the camp with no refund for the infraction of this rule or others, including "quiet" behavior between 10:30 PM and 8 AM, etc. The use of "could" instead of "will be" (as practiced by the previous owners/managers) allowed this unsavory family to diminish the ultimate camping experience by many families within the vicinity. The husband and wife starting their Margaritas at nine in the morning, resulting in a crying baby, barking dog, husband yelling at barking dog, husband yelling at wife, wife yelling at husband, wife yelling at crying baby, husband yelling at crying baby and wife, all of this mess continuing off and on into the wee hours of the morning, long into the posted "quiet time" between 10:30 and 8. When friction began between this couple and other campers, we telephoned the owners/managers, and they came to the rescue, telling us that their would be no more trouble with them, and if there was any more trouble, to let them know. Not long afterwards into the posted quiet time, the h! usband b egan yet again to cuss a blue streak, oblivious to the many children in the general vicinity. We telephoned the owners/managers yet again, they returned, and we were told the couple was leaving. However, not enforcing their own camp rules, the owners/managers had the guilty party depart the following morning, after another night of fights, yelling, crying and barking throughout the night. Licensed in counseling, it is apparent to me that this couple is in severe need of therapeutic services to mend their social, parenting and couples skills, as they were so eager to share with many in the general vicinity. It is also apparent that although the owners/managers may have good intentions, they do not enforce their own rules to provide the best camping experience and satisfaction for ALL of their guests. I think they are over their heads in the management of such a large facility. Some of our party has spent time at Camp Toodik in the past under the management of the previous owners. The enforcement of the rules and presentation of a super-clean facility is no longer the case with the current owners/managers, and although Camp Toodik has some pluses going for it, the minuses outweigh them. Our party discussed the environment and agreed to book elsewhere when camping in the future.

Received from Doug for visit in Sep 2008

Site Number: 140
Stay Again? NO

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