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Wadleigh Falls Campground

16 Campground Road
Lee, NH 03824
No Email Address
6 Reviews
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Come on folks I pulled in this campground and never even un hooked the trailer this place is a dump. swamp inbetween all of the campsites .the place is so run down .Stopped at the office and thought I was in a bad backwoods movie. I lost my disire to stay as soon as I saw the site conditions. the seansonal sites are so dumppy and seems they let them build anything and call it a screen room. No way will never go there and will share my feelings with everyone I can. Thier website is a lie .That is criminal.

Received from frank for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:a4
Stay Again? NO
PLEASE read all the reviews when looking at this campground. It look nothing like the website. When we arrived at the campground it was a completely different picture. The store was bare, re room smelled of stale smoke and that was all within 5 mins of arriving. We pulled down to our site which was E1 and it was a corner lot with a swamp behind us. The shower room/bathroom looked good from the outside. But then when you got onthe inside it smelt and the up keep was bad. No soap, toilet paper and cracked seats. The shower rooms were not good either. Again they needed alot of TLC you had to use coins for the hot water and that was not that hot when you got the machine working. At night the campground turned into a party. One group of campers partied until 1am and that kept us awake. The only good side is that we had great people in E2. The police patroled the ampsite every night which was a cancern. Would we go back. No is my answer to that.

Received from ruth for visit in May 2010

Site Number: E1
Stay Again? NO
I had a great time there. Have been going for three years now. My kids love the pool and are very happy beening in the kids rec hall. The people that run the campground has been very nice to us and have try to make our stay nice. Me and my Family would go there again no problem. If there is a issue they fix it for us being a weekender.

Received from debbie for visit in Jul 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
The website makes this campground look beatuiful. I want to know where those pictures were taken or how many years ago. The bathrooms were not kept clean the showers had no hot water and the sites themselves were not clean between customers. This campground has mostly seasonal people that think they own the place. When you walk into the rec. hall for a function you feel out of place and not welcome. The seasonal people all have golf carts and are going back and forth at all hours. Even noticing some driving not so well after a night at the rec hall. The swamps in between sites were descusting.You could never tell who worked there they were regular clothes. Just not a nice place to stay, some of the seasonal sites need a good cleaning. It looks very ghetto. Never took any pictures because I really didn't want to remember my stay.

Received from Claire for visit in Sep 2009

Site Number: C4
Stay Again? NO
This is a campground that is on appearance quite quaint, however upon closer scrutiny you find there are serious issues. The overall appearance is ok, there are some beautification that needs to be done as well as some major repairs. The smoke filled recreation room is hard to handle.The childrens recreation room leaves much to be desired, the activiities woman is rude ,as is the owners daughter and friends. There appears to be alot of drinking and hollering, it would appear that some of it's seasonal as well as management are a bit to cozy. There are people who are nice and then there are some that do not seem to care or have any respect for others. This once was a wonderful campground, it is a shame what it has become. The old owners appear to have divorced and now the ex wife and boyfriends run it. The bath house is not very well stocked and the pool is in need of an uplift as is the grounds, the roads and entry way to the campground. They need to curtail the loud people and swearing and yelling. There are children present and some consuming alcahol which appears to be fine with the management. Overall it is a shame as we would never stay there again and will be sure to tell others to keep clear, atleast until something is done or it is sold. What a shame.

Received from Alanas for visit in Jul 2009

Site Number:f18
Stay Again? NO
Please read through the entire review before casting final judgement. WFCG is a medium sized Campground located off of RT 152 in Lee NH. This is another example of a Mom and Pop operation not being maintained well. The bathrooms appeared new on the outside but in poor but operable condition on the inside. The Recreation room is of good size but the ever present heavy cigarette smoke during functions puts a damper on an otherwise good atmosphere. The CG has a considerable amount of Seasonal sites with some being very old and not very well kept. Activities for the kids were available but found out the the person doing the activities was a camper and had volunteered for the day. Our site when we arrived was not ready. The septic connection could not initially be found and had to be dug up by the staff. It had been buried by sand due to poor drainage of the site. There were buckets, cans, bottles and some trash in drainage ditches on the back side of second row of sites. I must say the great majority of campers that showed had great ethics any site that was vacated, especially near the river was left in very good condition. There was a group of pop-ups from Massachusetts that set the example for leaving a place better than you found it. The Mini-golf course is tired as is the pool which was very clean but both need some upkeep. Even with all the down falls the family like atmosphere during activities is infectious. There are obviously long friendships here. The campgound is in a good location for those who do not wish to do a lot of site seeing. It is peaceful, the staff is helpful and cheery. WFCG could be a desirable place to go. But needs some serious attention to detail before it will make our list of CG's to visit again.

Received from Eric G for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number: E1
Stay Again? NO

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