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Fallon RV Park

5787 Reno Highway
Fallon, NV 89406
No Email Address
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3 Reviews
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This is a dirty run down park. The people in the store where you check in are not friendly and are border line rude. On the sign in receipt it states that “The Fallon RV Park is not responsible for any damage done by the trees”. On that note the trees are pretty much dead and while we were there they were cutting many of the dead ones down in the rear of the park. We received a two page copy of the rules and regulations of the park. No more than one dog unless you get a permit from the manager. Guests are not allowed to bring their dogs in the park. It appears that no personal property may be around the RV and this would seem to mean a BBQ, chairs etc. Read these rules close! While walking the dog, I got yelled at by an older lady from the Park Host’s trailer in the front about the dog walk. The dog walk is full of burned tree limbs and leaves. The leaves are all over the place and it seems they can’t keep up with the mess. In addition, get bottled water as the water at the park has particles in it and is cloudy most of the time. There is no water service in the early morning hours and it comes back on around 5 AM. We will be leaving in January to another park in Fernley. Longer drive to Fallon for work but there’s too much bad about this park for us to stay here. We would never stay here again!

Received from bob James for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number:46
Stay Again? NO
This park is marginal at best and I am being generous saying that. At check at the store the clerk was rude and had no idea about the park. I noticed several comments about the trees at the park and they are true. The first space I tried to pull in to had tree branches so low I had to get another space assigned. In addition there is a disclaimer on the check in receipt that states: “Fallon RV will NOT be held responsible for any damage caused by the trees”. Considering the condition of the trees it would seem they want to avoid any responsibility for falling trees or limbs. There are motorcycles in the park and they are allowed to cruse around the park revving their engines and this is disturbing. The water is not that bad but does have an undesirable taste to it. In the late morning hours there is no water service, couldn’t find out why that was. The dog walk area has broken glass and there was a stench of sewage in that area. Dogs are to be walked on a leash but many are allowed to have their dogs loose in the park. There are weeds growing all over the park but mostly in the rear of the park. It would seem that all of the weeding at the park is done in the front part only. The roadways in the front portion of the park are cracked and there are pieces of concrete that have fallen out. They are constantly digging holes around the park to do repairs and have left the holes open on several occasions. While I was there they dug a hole and cut in to the cable and electric lines. Sorry about being so negative but the truth is the truth and I felt it best to let others know about this stuff.

Received from JIm for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:46
Stay Again? NO
The park is unkept for the most part. The bathrooms are not clean and need repair. The trees are all dying and many need trimming and leaves are everywhere. The water tastes bad and has a smell to it. There is a smell of sewage at times. The concrete roadways are broken up and the spaces are not level.

Received from Bob for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number:18
Stay Again? NO

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