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Indian Pass Campground

2817 Indian Pass Road
Port St. Joe, FL 32456
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3 Reviews
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I agree with the last writer. Other review was quite harsh but I guess it depends on whether u want camping like like in ahouse or camping the way it is supposed to be. Yes it is rustic and countryish and isolated and i guess buggy in the summer but we stay their for at least 3 months in the winter and just love it. Yes it is not a KOA but it is not the cost of a KOA also. If you want all those goodies then go to where the goodies are provided. Yhe managers do their job, run the place, try to make money and treat the campers i met with good ole southern hospitality whether it is at a pot luckor a campfire. We are not Walmart type camping spots where everyone is lined up like ducks in a row. I have met many friends their and hopefully will meet many more.

Received from Ken for visit in Feb 2010

Site Number: C15
Stay Again? YES
I have read the last review for this campground & feel that it was a little harsh. This campground is very remote & is bordered by a lagoon, bay & the gulf. Of course there are bugs! There are also alligators, sharks & snakes. It's surrounded by water! This is a place that people either go to by accident or plan. The ones that plan it expect hot weather & bugs. They love to fish & love that everybody "including most of the campers" are friendly folk. This is not a KOA. Don't go here if you expect to find a 5* campground. Just remember that 5* campgrounds are not as charming & full of nice folk like Indian Pass. They also don't have the "best" oyster bar just 3 miles down the road! We sweated, got bitten by bugs & had a great time. The Loyers/WNC

Received from betty for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number: B-4
Stay Again? YES
We are frequent campers and have camped all over Alabama, Georgia, and Florida and this is the worst experience we have ever had. The website makes it look pretty good and for $30 a night (pretty high in the southeast) we figured it would be well worth the money. We arrived late and expected to not have the best site but were unprepared for what we got. (The website states 'Please reserve early as waterfront sites go first' but the lady on the phone said you can not reserve individual sites and it is first come first serve (this contradicts the website)) Our campsite was covered in black mud with a sprinkling of broken up seashells as a makeshift gravel. We felt fortunate that the shells and oyster shells lining the entire campgrounds did not bust our tires. The mud made for a great mosquito breeding ground. I have never seen mosquitoes and flies like this. They were in swarms. I know that bugs are a problem in Port St. Joe but the hot, damp mud did not help. There was no way to keep all the black mud off our camper carpet despite us having an outside rug. There was no grill or fire pit (we wasted about 3 hours of our vacation driving into town and trying to find a grill). This is just unheard of to not have one or the other at a campsite--especially for the amount of money that we paid. Dead palm trees everywhere made us scared to even start a fire and had to move the grill onto the back of the truck for fear of the flames getting the unkempt shrubbery. Several electrical boxes were not working around the campground and ours seemed to make the fuses blow in our camper so we had no lights the whole time even though they worked fine at the house before we left. The campers next to us had to hook up to our electrical box and said when they complained the worker said she 'just works there'and they could go to another campground if they weren't happy. Other campers said that cable was offered but did not work. The website claims 'Amenities include new, modern and clean shower facilities'. Bathrooms! were mu ddy and rarely had toilet paper and no soap dispensers much less soap. Last time I checked, soap was not a modern invention. If you arrive late it is difficult to find a site because they are not clearly marked and there are no maps or anyone there to help you. No emergency number is given if there is a booking mistake and you would be out of luck if all sites were full by mistake. The picnic tables were rotted and missing benches and unusable. As I looked around the campground I found the same sight at other campsites. Like I said, we go camping a lot and have NEVER seen anything like this. I heard that there is a new owner but he needs to drop the price to much lower while he cleans up the place if that is what he is planning to do. Several campers were complaining and talking to each other about the horrible conditions. I have called for the owner's name and manager's name. I left my number for the manager to call me back and so far she has not. Frankly, even if they did give me my money back they couldn't repay me for the time and money I spent going down there and a wasted vacation. We couldn't even enjoy the outdoors-I felt like we were in a third world country. I just don't want other customers to waste their money and hard earned vacations at this place. The website misrepresents this business grossly. They even claim that the cabins are water front. The cabins were located in the middle of the campground next to the bathrooms and the pool. I am sure the cabin customers expected to be within feet of the ocean. Port St. Joe, especially the cape is absolutly beautiful! Take my advice and book way early for the state park--indian pass campground makes the town of Port St. Joe look bad.

Received from Stephanie K for visit in Jun 2007

Site Number:C6
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