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Camp Richardson

1900 Jameson Beach Rd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158
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3 Reviews
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I booked out camping trip at the last minute and Camp Richardson was on of the only places that had any camp sites open. All the reviews where saying how it was so terrible and there where beers all over and twenty million loud drunk people.... i didnt see this but okay? I booked a campsite that was not on the lake side and that was farther out in the woods... if you can even say that. I do have to say that no matter where you are camped you are near the highway. The map makes it look like a gigantic campground... but its not. The camp sites are really close together but all the sites we were near the people were very polite and respectful of quiet time. The first day we arrived from our eight hour drive we checked in at the hotel (the gentleman was extremely friendly) and he sent up across the street to the keyosk lade who was very helpful and checked us all in for our spot. Then we parked our car at our site we ran into this man that had been living with only a backpack on his back for the last eight years... we traded him a beer and fuel for a walking stick he had made... he proceeded to tell me about the beers in the area and how the like lip gloss and smelly bath products.... The rest of the entire trip i was terrified and convinced i was going to be eaten by a bear. I can say that i apparently didn't get eaten or attacked by any bears... nor did i see one this entire trip. The next day we went on a road trip into North Lake Tahoe and checked out the Truckee River and then back down to revisited Emerald Bay which is absolutely beautiful. We already had my boyfriend kayak tied to the roof so i rented a one man kayak for the whole day for under fifty dollars and kayaked from the Richardson Marina to Emerald Bay..... it was quite a ways... let me tell you. I dont think you can experience the lake unless you are actually in the middle of it. The water is the bluest water i have ever seen in my life its amazing!! The kayaking trip was awesome. After that we went to the bar at the local restaurant in the resort area it was nice and small the locals where a little loud and rowdy but it was a good time. All in all the camping trip was short but sweet. We fit so much in in two days it was well worth the sixteen hours of driving. Most people that go to a place like Tahoe wont be sitting at their camp sites the whole time anyways so dont worry about where it is near the bathrooms or the road of other people... just be thankful that you are in this beautiful place and HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!!

Received from Mackenzie for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number: 752
Stay Again? YES
We just got back from 3 nights at Camp Richardson in the campground. On the second night we were "visited" by 4 bears within a 4 hour period, rummaging in trash and neighboring coolers right in front of the campers. The bears were easily scared out of our campsite, but the last visitors were a mama bear and two cubs. Each campsite has a food locker and there are bear-resistant dumpsters by the bathrooms, but there are also regular push-lid trash cans by each bathroom door, which helped attract the bears. If anyone had gotten between mama and cubs at the bathrooms by accident it would have been very dangerous. Security agreed that this was a danger, but the trash cans remained the next night. The housekeeping people stated that everyone should just "know" not to put food in those cans. While I agree with others that this is a bare-bones campground with loud, drunken visitors and terrible facilities, I would NOT recommend this campground based on the lax bear precautions and attitude.

Received from Marinda for visit in Jul 2009

Site Number:322
Stay Again? NO
We stayed in the RV Campground (there are also tent-only campgrounds). Most sites are too close together. The campfire ring for the next site was less than 10 feet from the rear of my trailer. The kiosk agent allowed her family to camp in a site that was supposed to be limited to 6 people and 2 vehicles. They had at least 10 people and 5 vehicles. Additionally, they partied and were very loud until well past midnight. Our small child learned some new four-lettered words to share with his pre-school class from the loud, partying group. The bathrooms and showers were filthy, even by dirty campground standards. Even though we paid to stay in the campground, it still cost $3 to use the RV dump, and another $7 to park near the "resort" beach.which is nearly a mile from the campground. Poor management and filthy facilities.

Received from TH for visit in Jun 2007

Site Number:103
Stay Again? NO

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