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Eagle Cliff Campground

Route 1, Box 344
Lanesboro, MN 55949
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4 Reviews
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Tent campers BEWARE: The good: Exceptionally clean and manicured park. Bathrooms and showers are very clean, and staff is very responsive. Super convenient for biking the trail -essentially right on the bike trail. The Bad: Campsites have zero privacy. You will get to know your neighbors here. Whether you want to or not. In spite of 11P "Quite time" a group of 10+ ppl partied loud until 1:45A. Owner was responsive and did move us to a new spot the next day. He gave us half of another spot that already had another tent on it. Campground was full and that was the best he could do. If you enjoy camping in a fish bowel; go for it. You will love this place.

Received from Tent-Camper for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:E1-12
Stay Again? NO
we have come here every other year for years.We absolutely love it here!!!great for bicyclists even though the shower building is a little ways away it's very easy to get to by bike.wonderful tubing,unbeatable bike trails and even a historic site close by.wonderful quaint towns nearby which have wonderful restaurants and lots of shops.The river is nice to camp next to too.

Received from sue for visit in May 2009

Site Number: 20
Stay Again? YES
Tenters beware! RULES and lots of them! Can't leave your car by your tent site, must leave in parking area. Tents are supposed to be moved every 2 nights. Does anyone want to pull out all the stuff from their tent and move it after only 2 nights? Maybe 5 but not 2. Rugs put out in front of the tent need to be picked up every night. Camp workers actually drive around, walk up to you tent and pick up you mats at night. Second night there we rolled up our mat next to the tent, they took our mat. Picnic tables are supposed to be moved every day. Honostly, if you have a tent and a screen tent for the table area, you will spend half your time picking stuff up and moving it. You must also be okay wit portable toliets. The main bathrooms are a generous walk away. Nice area for RV's but to much inconvenience for a tenter!

Received from Brenda for visit in Aug 2008

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
Our campsite was on the bank of the Root River, which was clean and pleasant. The campgrounds are well managed, and staff is pleasant and friendly. We took a trip on the river via campground rentals/free shuttle. Great scenery. The campsites are close in proximity, which makes privacy a problem. We were awakened at about 3 a.m. by some men coming in from the bars, which isn't so pleasant.

Received from Lorraine C for visit in Jun 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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