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Los Padres National Forest

6755 Hollister Avenue
Goleta, CA 93117
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Stayed in Kirk Creek Campground. I went to this Big Sur campsite in the summer of 2006. We caught one of the last few sites available that morning, since the place is first-come first-serve. There are 33 or 34 sites, depending on which website you believed, but they both claim that some sites are reserved for tent-only (no car) campers, and the rest are for the folks who like to poke in and out of their vehicles or RVs. The truth of the matter was that most of the campground was packed with RVs, a few with regular old car campers, and the 'tent-only' half was quiet, peaceful and utterly empty. If you're an RV, this is the unofficial hotspot of summer it would seem. But we were one of the few groups present without a portable rec-room. They say there's a 14-day limit, but people seemed like they'd been there all of June and were planning on sticking in through August with all the stuff they had set up. Other websites also claim that each site looks over the ocean. Not true. I mean, I guess we could see it...but...we were by no means actually overlooking the ocean. Only six or seven sites seemed to be granted that luxury. Another six or seven sites were overlooking the road. Literally. We got a site that was not more than 25 feet away from Highway 1. Ah, traffic. So scenic. You could hear it all night. They have flush toilets which, I suppose, gets the job done all right, and tap-water that has to be boiled before consumption. You get a table, a firepit, and usually some nice trees around your site. And, this is Big Sur we're talking about. So, the water was pretty, the hiking was good, and the trees and the grass were indeed green (much greener, say, than Andrew Molera Campground). There's a pretty little hike down the cliffside to the ocean that winds through some trees and pretty shrubs and you get to hop over a little creek (we assumed it was the great Kirk itself). At the end of the descent, however, the oceanfront is short (at all tides), the rocks big and painful, and the seaweed was, sincerely, the stinkiest I have ever ! smelt. I was actually surprised at the stench, so I'm willing to just pass that off as my own individual bad experience. The beach was too steep to swim in, as the water got pretty choppy just 15 feet off the shore. I wouldn't trust going in past my waist. I took a party of 8 (including myself) and the most fun I had was running off with one friend and hopping over the 'for-your-safety' fence down to a much wider section of beach, with lots of rocks and animals and other adventures. Yes, Samwise the Brave breaks the rules sometimes. There is poison oak, but if you know what it looks like well enough, you should be fine. Big Sur in general seems to be ridden with the stuff. All in all, for the 22.00 dollars a night (actually, I think when we got there it was 26 dollars, but all the websites say 22 currently), it was not worth it. Too crowded, at least in the summer. The people coming in never seemed to relent, and many were turned away. GORP.com calls it romantic. Clearly they akin a bouquet of red roses at the same level of romanticism as 15 RVs crammed into a tiny campground directly off of the highway.

Received from Diana H for visit in Jun 2006

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