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2925 West Highway 66
Gallup, NM 87301
No Email Address
5 Reviews
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Very clean and friendly staff. I am glad they keep pets under control and quiet.

Received from Owen Egge for visit in Aug 2013

Site Number: 37
Stay Again? NO
Nice long pull through's and clean sites. This park would rate higher if it wasn't for the fact that they nickel and dime you with added charges for cable and 50amp electric. They allow pets but all but threaten to shoot you and your dog if they don't make it to the designated pet areas in time. The pet contract, in my opinion, is way over the top.

Received from Anon for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
This is the desert and most places have at least some landscaping--this place is pea size gravel and blacktop. And pets owners have a long list of rules that you must sign to bring your pet into the park. The clerk was nice enough, and the flags and USA signs were a bit much. The spaces are very close--no breathing space at all. The price was one of the highest we paid & we were given a discount. The wifi did not work at all. The 'dog area' was so smelly our very small 2 dogs wouldn't even go in--so we waited until after dark and took them on a long walk along the blacktop and some dirt beyond tent area. And yes they used that area to relieve themselves and we cleaned up after them. One person drove their dog to the dog area, let the large dog run free to do its business then called it back to the vehicle then drove off. We agree that the owners should not allow pets if they continue (which we're sure they will) their attitude. We were also turned off by all the "friendly" signs everywhere. We will not stay here again.

Received from Anon for visit in May 2007

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
Park looks nice and employees were courteous, but we must add our voice to the chorus of pet owners who say they will NEVER stay here again, and warn all dog owners to go elsewhere! On our second day, my wife (recipients of this man's abuse seem to be female and/or elderly) was verbally abused by the owner when she let our arthritic 20-year-old little terrier cross an unoccupied space on the way back from the distant dog area. It started with screaming 'Hey You, what do you think you're doing?' and went downhill from there with him calling her a variety of bad names and so on! In over two years of full-timing, we have never had problems with pet management and are very conscientious about cleanup and such. For the first time ever, we were immediately evicted. It looks like we're in good company, judging from many other reviews of this park we've read. Of course there was no refund. By the way, when I checked politely with the front desk to see if there was anyone in authority who could do this, the employee started to break into tears. I felt for her. In our opinion, this individual should deal with his serious issues with animals as evidenced by his attack and the over-the-top Dog Rules and 'Canineology and Mannerology' manifesto. Admittedly, we did not see that on the reverse side of the rules or we would have left immediately before registering. We were a bit concerned about the Rules of Combat 'Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out,' style poster in the office and the anti-Islamic sign in the front driveway, but free speech still applies as I hope it does here! We usually would never give any park the lowest rating, but considering how this management treats paying guests/customers, none of the other amenities, no matter how nice, count for much.

Received from Roger G for visit in May 2007

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
Lovely park, very clean and well kept. Pool not open, too early, I guess. Nice folks and great gift shop.

Received from Kim G for visit in May 2007

Site Number: 81
Stay Again? YES

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