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Campland on the Bay

2211 Pacific Beach Dr
San Diego, CA 92109
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2 Reviews
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It is a beautiful site right on the water. Has a marina and rentals for vehicles both land and sea. It has a great little restaurant and general store. Now..let's talk about the management or the lack there of. The place bounces between a homeless shelter and an all out party palace. It is loud, it is noisy and it is cramped. It has no decorum what so ever and the management just let's people run wild. if you are into that then it is a great place. if you have a family that is not into tatoos from thier scalp to thier toes, then I'd look elsewhere.

Received from Steve S for visit in Nov 2007

Site Number: None
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This park has the potential of being one of the best. To achieve that it will require a new management team or a commitment from the existing team to provide a park that will treat weekenders with more respect. Two issues need immediate attention. The first is the "permanent residents." They allow people to stay for up to nine months at a time during the winter months, without regard to type of rig. Mixed in the park are very old buses, motor-homes and trailers, that are occupied by large amounts of people, that look to be homeless. Some also have multiple vehicles, which crowd the small sites, making it much like an RV storage yard. This, in my opinion could be easily remedied by placing full timers with in a single location in the park which could be done very easily. The second issue is that if you are Passport America, you are automatically a second class citizen, and even if there are other available sites, you are placed next to one of the permanent rigs. This has happened to us each time, and this time, we traveled with another rig, and they made sure that between us was a 1976 San Diego city bus with two other vehicles of the same generation. The bus was occupied by at least five people, two dogs and couple of cats. The people were okay, but in and out all day and night. Unfortunately this will probably go on deaf ears since Campland by the Bay is pretty much the only game in town. Lastly, they say to lock things up because of people illegally entering the park and stealing things like bicycles. I wonder...

Received from Anon for visit in Mar 2007

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