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Morris Meadows

1523 Freeland Rd.
Freeland, MD 21053
8 Reviews
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This campground is one of the nicest we have ever visited. The trails by the river are enough reason to stay here. We saw beavers, deer, wild turkeys and caught crawfish in the stream. It is open year round and we are planning another trip now. The bathhouse is spotless.

Received from bdy for visit in Nov 2012

Site Number: 38
Stay Again? YES
Horrible service. Website says pool is open weekends until Labor Day. they closed the pool while still charging us extra Holiday Fee. Plus exercise events were cancelled. Had to have someone rake grass on our site and got attitude. So much grass clippings he filled up a trash bag. Waited for the owner to come talk to me and no response in 24 hours. Found her and she told me she knows I had issues but does not have tai me to take to me until Monday. The told me I was ruining my own vacation by choosing go be upset with their lack of service. offered me my money back but never got it. Almost ran me over with her golf cart storming away. Then all of the sudden cops come and kick us off the property in the middle of our vacation stating she is kicking us out because we complained. Guess what! One of the cop disclosed that he gets called there for this on a normal basis! She ruined our vacation, did not provide the services we paid for, and only gave us our money back on the nights that she kicked us out. Absolutely Insane!

Received from Renee for visit in Aug 2012

Site Number:t9
Stay Again? NO
Wish I had seen this review before booking my holiday weekend here...The staff was completly rude,un-friendly & un-approachable. While they are convient in distance and offer many things other campgrounds do not at an affordable rate, the cons out weighed the pros in my opinion. They have obvious seasonal campers (as stated) and they do show favortism to those campers. The staff sterotyped and hawked over our group of (29 most of which were young childeren) from the time we got there until we left. They complained to us about everything we did from the kids playing on the playground and the pool to the amount of people and vehicles we had even though we paid for enough campsites to accomodate our larger group and vehicles. Seems to me that they do not want the outside business and only are nice and welcoming to seasonal and returning campers whom must me friends or family. Sadly I do not recommend that anyone stay at this facility

Received from Amanda for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
What a great time, the campground was spotless. The check-in was a fast and easy. The owners really keep the place clean and well kept especially the bathhouses. It is pet friendly and there are plenty of trails and other activities if you choose to use them. I would recommended this campground to anyone who just wants to relax while camping without all the water-slides and commercial activities of the corporate campgrounds.

Received from Dale for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
Our family loves to stay at this campground, there is always something to do and it is very clean.The restrooms were always clean.Everyone is very friendly and helpful.We made plans to return for the Halloween weekends.

Received from Debbie for visit in Sep 2009

Site Number: G7
Stay Again? YES
This campground does have many seasonal campers and if you are not one of them, you can forget about any kind of service or hospitality. The water pressure sucks, sites are flooded because of the water leaks, they are not pet friendly, they do not have enough activities, especially for kids, and what activities they do have, the activity coordinator has no patience or people skills and seems to rush just to get the activity completed. We've stayed at this campground numerous times and complained about the water problems only to be told "its a very wet year" or "you know... we are in a drought". They always have a reason for their water problems. After our last experience there, I will not be back and do not recommend it.

Received from Joan for visit in Apr 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
Many amenities, nice location (close to Lancaster) and great views. Be aware this campground has many seasonal campers, which is fine, but the staff was not friendly or helpful. If you were not a seasonal camper, it appeared you were not worth the time.

Received from Frank for visit in Sep 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
This campground has it all: low rates, extensive and well-maintained recreational facilities, abundant planned activities, scenic on-site hiking and biking trails (with even more extensive trails just 2 miles from the campground), a private tenting area, cabin rentals, game room, even a summer day camp for the kids! While the campground does cater to its seasonal and long-term residents (on the weekend of our stay, for example, virtually all planned activities were "championship" sporting events limited to those who had made the finals in prior weeks), it more than surpassed our expectations. Highly recommended!

Received from Larry for visit in Oct 2006

Site Number: WT1
Stay Again? YES

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