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Jellystone Cape Cod

290 Glen Charlie Rd.
East Wareham, MA 02538
3 Reviews
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I would not go back to this campground. We stayed here for a little over a week. The ended up putting a fifth wheel and two travel trailers on what we were told was a double site, which ended up being tight. We were there for three days and our sewer backed up. So the next day the owner ended up coming to our site with a backhoe and put in a new leach field. The smell was so bad at our site and all we got out of it was I am sorry for the inconvenience. We spoke to other friends that stayed at that same campsite 2 years ago and they had the same problem with the sewer and the campground never did anything about it. Our friends ended up having a new leach field put in their site the day after ours. The electricity isnít grounded correctly because people were getting zapped when they went into their campers. The security was extremely rude. One guy threw water on our fire and ended up making a steam bath, which someone could have been burned. I think because we had a large group, they tended to pick on us. They drove right by the campsite across from us which had a fire going and came directly to us and said put out your fire. The map of the campground they gave us says they have tennis courts and a laundry facility. When we walked the campground, we didnít find any tennis courts and the laundry facility was just an empty building. I feel they list these facilities, like the pool they have been saying is coming, just to lure people to the campground.

Received from Sue for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number: 117
Stay Again? NO
Own travel trailer and became a seasonal this year. Our area is quiet after 10pm. Kids love the lake (no additional fee to use it) and kayaking (fee). Very clean and extremely family friendly park. Activities my kids enjoy include biking, karate, crafts and the dances on the beach at night. Candy bar bingo is another favorite as well as hayrides with the bears. We find staff helpful and friendly as well as fellow campers. We enjoyed our first season and look forward to many more!

Received from Ramos for visit in Aug 2007

Site Number: 172
Stay Again? YES
After years of camping here we decided to pull out early in the season rather than put up with the bullying and rudeness of the "security" any longer. If your fire is not out precisely at midnight do not expect a friendly request to put it out. Expect a couple of golf carts (which will sometimes approach without headlights)filled with guys who will puff their chests out and give you a hard time. Try and discuss the attitudes of these people with the owner and it is obvious that he not only approves of their methods but encourages them. No matter what the true story is you will not be believed as what these guys say is the only thing the owner will listen to. We are not alone. There are many people we know who will not return to this campground.

Received from B for visit in 2006

Site Number:334
Stay Again? NO

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