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The Pinery

R.R.# 2
Grand Bend, ON N0M1T0
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11 Reviews
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I love all the hiking trails in the park. I love the canoeing in the park. The park store is great. Always something to do here. Private campsites and great beaches. The biggest downside is the noise factor. We had a very roudy party group close by. The park staff and OPP would not evict them because they were too drunk. Honest, that was the excuse park staff gave to me! I got zero sleep that night. Complaining did no good. I thought it was the worst handling of drunkeness that I have ever seen. I have friends who now REFUSE to camp here because of that night.

Received from Gary for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
I think it was the cleanest park I have ever stayed in for the washrooms & showers. beach was great, programs where excellent, lots to do "store the bigest in all parks i have ever seen" and hamburger,ice cream joint on park is great. Excellent place for kids and familys. Deffently will return to the park.

Received from dave powell for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number: 142b
Stay Again? YES
This was our 3rd family vacation at the Pinery. We've always loved it but having tried other parks , now find it crowded. Also, due to way higher water levels, the beach is half the size it was 2 years ago, meaning that the georgeous sandy beach we loved is now a shale/sand beach with half the space and consequently more crowding. Obviously this is no fault of the park, but think twice if you are expecting the broad sandy beach. We still had a fun time, but the beach was such a disappointment this year.

Received from richard for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number: 969
Stay Again? YES
I am 56 years of age and have been camping at the pineries since I was 13. Pros: great beach, super trails, and 14 kilo bike trail. Also has a channel for canoeing or paddle boats. You can fish small bass, sunfish, carp. Riverside campground best for families. Watch for poison ivy and racoons though. New washrooms this year, badly needed.Camp can get noisy sometimes. Not enough staff to handle 1000 campsites.Good store, great day use area. Super drivein in Grand Bend about 10 kilos away.

Received from Fred for visit in May 2009

Site Number: 758
Stay Again? YES
The pinery is a great place to get away from the city.The beach is excellent. (If there is a ecoil warning posted it is just because of a heavy rain fall there is nothing to be worried about. I grew up on the St.Clair river no worries)The hicking trails are endless and the sites are very private. I would recommend riverside 4

Received from Boon for visit in Jan 2008

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Stay Again? YES
Pinery is a terrific provincial park. One of the best in Ontario. The sites are well laid out - most are very spacious and offer pretty good privacy. The beach was AWESOME and the dunes were fantastic. The sand was wonderful! Best sand beach in Ontario! The only problem (and this is a BIG one) with our stay was that the water was closed constantly due to high levels of E Coli. We ended up leaving early from our vacation because we couldn't swim. It was really sad that this amazing beach was closed on such a beautiful summer day. The park offers amazing activities for the kids. Very educational and my kids loved them!! I'm not sure if we'd go back to Pinery simply because it was a long drive for us but I do recommend that you try it!

Received from Kelli for visit in Aug 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
First time at The Pinery. The park itself was great. The restrooms was another story. We think 1 rest room was for 147 sites (there was an out house you could use). First morning we were at the rest room and showers at 6:15am - that was ok. The next day we got there about 8:20AM and the line to the ladies room was out the door. Forget about brushing your teeth. The shower line was only about 15 mins that morning but most of the day we saw people waiting for at least 60 mins or entire familes pile into 1 shower and use it for 45 mins. We had no problem with racoons but we put our coolers, food and drinks in the car. Site 932 has to be the best one out there. No one on the side of you and the Nature Park was behind you.

Received from Regina for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number: 932
Stay Again? YES
My visit to the Pinery was not pleasant at all. Not one aspect. First, there was a huge line-up on Friday night to get into the campground. I was lucky enough to get the 3rd last site in the "no-radio" section after waiting for 30 minutes. Upon arriving at the site around dusk, I could hear rustling in the bushes about 30 feet away as I set up the tent. It was raccoons. They are so tame and the campsite is such a mess that they can't wait to come srounge for scraps left out by careless people. While roasting marshmallows over a campfire, the campsite next to me had the whiniest kid crying at the top of its lungs for 30 minutes. So loud that someone on the other side of the campground made a remark about it the next morning when I saw them at the washroom. The campsites are way too close together... no privacy whatsoever. After climbing in the tent, the raccoons came down in hords. Fighting, knocking over stuff in other campsites, then there are people chasing them away at 4am. So now it's 7am and I have kids and adults running through my campsite with no regard for anyone sleeping. Around 9am I go to the washroom to have a shower... the whole washroom stinks of urine and waste. The showers are disgusting, and I consider myself an expert after staying in about 30 campgrounds from the Pinery to Victoria BC. The Pinery is by far the worst. Bugs and spiders hanging everywhere, racid stuff all around the shower. Don't even get me started on the beach conditions. I'm sure it was the most populated area in all of Lake Huron. That was the last straw... I packed up and didn't even stay the second night that I had paid. Not recommended at all. And they have the nerve to charge $25 per night.

Received from Dave for visit in Jun 2006

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
Pros: Riverside 1 has great sites for a get-together even if a bit open, little traffic, beautiful area, excellent visitor centre. Incredible site decorating for Halloween, trick or treating. Cons: Too far from Ottawa! It was eight hours to get there, nine to get home!


Received from Paul H for visit in Oct 2004

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
The best beach of all the provincial parks in Ontario. Long and spacious with beautfil, clear and warm water. We have had a family reunion there for the past eight years. Large private campsites. Big store with small restaurant. Great hiking trails and beware of many little bandits roaming the campsites (Racoons).

Received from Monique B for visit in Jul 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
The Pinery is a great provincial park. There are 3 campgrounds; Burley, Dunes, both of which are close to Lake Huron and Riverside which is across the river but a great "family" campground. The electrical sites are found in Dunes and Riverside. For the most part the sites are private and where it is close to another site,the website will state it. The beach is beautiful and the water is shallow and great for little children. There is a visitor\'s centre and there are children's programs. Everyone that we've recommended this park to has raved about it. Our family camps here every year and it has always been quiet for us. We highly recommend it.

Received from Nancy H for visit in 2005

Site Number: 1126
Stay Again? YES

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