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The Cove Oceanfront Campground

4405 Shore Road West
Parker's Cove, NS B0S 1K0
4 Reviews
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Greedy money grab. Sites are extremely overpriced and extremely small.- awnings would touch the RV next to you. The only campground in NS that charges an additional $1.00/ night recycling fee- another fee added to the already overpriced fee. If you arrive earlier than the 1pm check in time they will charge you $3.00/ hr untill 1pm is reached. The campground is on an open field, the so called oversized sites - for bus RVs- will cost $100/ night- this would be considered a normal sized site at most campgrounds. Most campgrounds charge around $29 to $31 for this type of site. For kids, they charge $9.00/ hr for playing pool. Basically a nickel and dime you to death campground. They have an unwritten no refund policy- If you have paid for a week and you have decided to move on to a different location after a few days- They will not refund you the remaining days- regardless of any reason. There is a $7.00 reservation fee that is not mentioned when reserving over the phone- and you are actually talking to the campground owner! If you cancel the reservation- within 48 hrs- you will lose one nights camping fees- (understandable) but they will also charge you for the length of stay you were reserved for regardless- no exceptions- This is criminal. There are many nicer campgrounds in this location and higly recommend to anyone not to stay here. We camped here in a Travel Trailer.

Received from Traveller for visit in Jul 2009

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Stay Again? NO
We researched this campground and knew it was pricey,but figured it might be something very special to camp there, but when we arrived there it was even more pricey than you could imagine. For a tent trailer and a tent they charges us about 40 dollars for a night plus and extra 25 for the tent, plus recycling fee, plus, plus. (and that was for a cheap site) My sister who was in the tent had her own car and had to park it outside the gate, despite the fact the campground was empty. Go figure another camp ground very close by was full to capacity. I actually bought my firewood there. They truly nickel and dime you for everything imaginable. Ice was almost 4 dollars a bag, and we wont even talk about what they called wood. The facilities (toilets, Just one building) was what seemed to be miles away. They truly made you feel like kids at a day care. The grounds were excellant and the view was ok, but right next door to the camp ground, cars and trucks peeled out of the fishing wharf, tires screeching at all hours of the day, (and night). I would never ever camp here again and I m truly sorry for thinking that this campground might be worth the cost. Never again will I hbe had by these people.

Received from Eric for visit in Jul 2008

Site Number:8
Stay Again? NO
The site was gorgeous, indeed. However, we were very disappointed in the service and the additional charges for way too much. We camped across the USA and Canada this summer and it was the only private campground where we had to pay money for a shower. In addition, there were signs posting the rules all over the place. We felt we were in a Kindergarten classroom- it was obnoxious. I do not recommend this site at all, despite its beauty.

Received from Christina J for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
This campground is just plain beautiful. It is right on the Bay of Fundy in southwestern Nova Scotia, and it has lots of tide pools on the shore for the kids to explore. We put our kayaks into the water right in front of our site, and we walked across the street to the seafood market when we wanted lobster or scallops for supper. Although it is only a few minutes outside of the quaint town of Annapolis Royal, it feels far away from all the hustle and bustle of our daily life. We enjoyed beautiful sunsets and a clean, quiet, friendly vacation with these folks, and we've already made our reservations for next summer.

Received from Fran for visit in Jul 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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