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Lake Holiday Country Camping

11780 W State Road 10
Demotte, IN 46310
4 Reviews
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I had a good time but the power kept popping. We have stayed there for 4 years in the full hook ups. We know a lot of ppl there I went up the front desk to ask if we could stay for a few hrs longer so we could look at a few places that are forsale I had to pay for a whole night. I do like it but I think it needs to be cleaned up. The advertisements offer a slide and paddle boats.slide was closed and no paddle boats. I do enjoy coming to your park its close to our house. But thought u guys do need to do more!

Received from karen for visit in Jul 2012

Site Number: 545
Stay Again? NO
do yourself a favor,drive down the road a bit to oak lake campground where people actually take care of their facility. Lake holiday is a joke,the staff never have an answer to questions and NO rules are enforced.golf carts,drunk people fighting and loud craziness all night long.beer bottles and garbage all over,little kids driving golf carts and profanity laced conversations everywhere.worst camping ever.STAY AWAY

Received from raymond for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:41
Stay Again? NO
Lake Holiday, Demotte Indiana (formally a Jelly stone Park) I want to start this review by stating that we (my sisters, mom and dad) stayed at this place hundreds of times when I was growing up in the 80ís and 90ís when it was a Jelly Stone. When reminiscing of our childhood this place always comes up as highlights of our summers. When looking for a place to camp over the 4th of July holiday weekend we (my wife, 3 kids myself and one of my sisters and her family) discovered that Lake Holiday had available sites. Excitement does not express the feelings that my sister and I had heading back to our old stomping grounds to show it off to our fellow family members. We had heard that most of the place had turned into seasonal camping but this still did not deter us from wanting to try it out. Upon arrival I was taken aback. It seemed like they took the old sites and turned each one into two sites. There were definitely way more campers per square foot then I remembered. We located our site and backed in the Pop Up. It did not look like any one had camped on our site or the ones adjacent for years. We had a difficult time finding the electrical and water hookups. It turned out they were down a hill about 35-40 feet away. I took a deep breath and hiked down the hill only to discover the breaker would not turn on. We went up to the front gate and explained the situation and they assured us that maintenance would be right over to see what could be done. They arrived within 5 minutes and after taking a look at the box they suggested we might want to find another site. They also told us they had never seen anyone camp at the sites we were at before, confirming my first thoughts on the sites. The maintenance guys were great! They did go get us a map of all the available sites and made some great recommendations. We did get a decent site in between 2 seasonal campers. We set up the pop up and started to get ready for dinner. I had remembered this place as a restful, peaceful place. It could not be further from that now. One thing is for sure at Lake Holiday, the seasonal residents spare no expense with there stereo equipment!! Be it in their travel trailers or on the thousands of golf carts that roam the streets of the campground. A big sign on the front gate states that quiet hours are 11pm to 8am. Needless to say, the rules at Lake holiday are not enforced. The first evening was like a parade of golf carts starting around 6 p.m. and lasted until after I tried to go to bed at 1 am. This was almost tolerable compared to the concert level decibels coming from next door. This did end about 1:30. We awoke around 8am and started breakfast. By 9am a site 2 or 3 down from us must have felt cheated out of his air time the night before and started blasting his stereo. Trying not to let it get us down we took the kids to the beach to have some much needed fun. We returned around dinner time to some much needed quiet. This only lasted so long. The parade of carts started right on cue after dinner along with the music from next door. Only this time accompanied by all the fire works that were not suppose to be in the park. The music lasted until after 3am. I will say that I have not let this bad experience erase all the good memories I have of the old Jelly stone park, but will not be returning any time soon. I would not recommend this place for a relaxing weekend.

Received from Carl for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:483
Stay Again? NO
We reserved a site based on the Good Sam logo displayed on Lake Holiday's "Rates" page, and my spouse's phone conversation with Campground personnel. On arrival, park was populated primarily with decrepit trailers on unkempt seasonal sites. The site recommended by campground personnel was un-mowed with no defined space for a trailer; the sewer hook-up consisted of a pipe in the ground covered by a brick. I and my family felt extremely uncomfortable in the Lake Holiday campground to the extent that we left the park immediately. We contacted the Good Sam Club; their phone representative stated that Lake Holiday is not s Good Sam partner has does not have the right to display the Good Sam logo. We are also disputing the charges on our credit card.

Received from Anon for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO

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