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French Broad River Campground

1030 Old Marshall Hwy
Asheville, NC 28804
5 Reviews
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This so called campground is dirty and geared to the homeless. Not what I would call a family day out. Large wild dogs roaming the area.

Received from John for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
The main guy that owns/runs the place is a joke. In the cabin if the water freezes up and you tell him he does NOTHING ABOUT IT. I told him for 2 WINTERS it was freezing up every time it would get below 32 and it was not until the end of the second winter that he fixed it as well as all kinds of other problems. He totally does not care about the -place. As long as you pay the place can run itself into the ground.He does not do his job and is a total and complete looser. It is a family run place so just imagine his family. Kids Mothers etc. If something is wrong with the cabin or part you are using the owner will not come fix it and just kinda laughs and smiles about it. If you are renting a cabin and the water freezes up he just tells you to walk down to the bath house to shower or use the bathroom and forget about trying to do the dishes or anything. And once the SEPTIC TANK BACKED UP INTO THE SHOWER... TOTALLY DISGUSTING PLACE! The owner just takes you money and does not maintain the place. they should be reported to the health department. and some of the structures are not up to code. VERY PATHETIC OWNER AND PLACE! Also there are train tracks on the other side of the river so it gets very loud when it passes

Received from FBRC HATER for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:SL2
Stay Again? NO
Very Deceiving ad on the internet. Sites are right up against each other, the ONE bathroom is not enough for the people they jam into here and there are 'unsavory' looking characters who apparently live here in run-down looking cabins and trailers. Loud traffic and train across river. Shower is disgusting. Internet works well though and I am in my tent now writing this while listening to the man in number 4 snoring. This was my first time camping in many years and I hope other places are not like this. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Received from Ed for visit in Sep 2007

Site Number:3
Stay Again? NO
This place is a dump. People live here in their RV's and in the cabins. We've stayed at other sites where people live and enjoyed it, so don't get me wrong, I don't condemn the idea of living in a campsite, but these folks lived here as a last resort (no pun intended), not as a choice like a quaint retirement home by the river. There is trash laying around on the ground and on their front porches. Don't bring toddlers here, there is nothing for them to do but have you chase them from jumping off the bank of the river. The website is whole tube of lipstick on this pig. The only bonus is that I found this wireless internet connection for free.

Received from MB for visit in Aug 2006

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
I can't believe there is no reviews on this campground. It was so... horrible. Everyone we spoke to felt the same. The sites were right up against each other, there was barely room to park and have a tent up too. The bathrooms were filthy and appeared to never be cleaned. Showers had to be held with one hand for water to come on. The owner was very unfriendly from beginning to end. Although the river was beautiful if there was a rain and you were in a tent you would be in potential trouble as these sites were within 6 feet of the river with visible water gullys running through the sites. Forget getting a refund, once you have made a reservation as we did site unseen, refunds are not given within 10 days. Campers Beware. The web site for this campground is very decieving.

Received from BC for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number:5
Stay Again? NO

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