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Lac qui Parle State Park

14047 20th Street N.W.
Watson, MN 56295
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2 Reviews
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It's the only state park with full hookups...The upper campground is prairie...Black eyed susans were in full bloom when we were there; very pretty. The park is large with both upper and lower campgrounds. The lower grounds are more traditional with mature trees. Plenty of hiking and fishing...The park personnel were extremely helpful to us. We had a very nice weekend.

Received from Joseph for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number: U05
Stay Again? YES
The Bad: The Upper Campground is a plowed cornfield, on which they planted sod. There are no trees. The elevation is very high and the landscape is so barren that the already strong wind was like a straight-line wind tunnel. With no trees and no wind block, it was almost impossible to sit outside and very difficult to keep a fire going. When we did get the fire going, the sparks blew so strongly onto the dry grass that we were afraid we'd start a prairie fire. We doused our fire quickly. On Friday and Saturday, it was 95 degrees during the day (literally) and there is not one tiny bit of shade in the entire upper campground. I am not exaggerating. Not one tiny bit of shade. The wind was so strong, we couldn't put up our awning. The Weird: I asked the ranger at the registration center about the designated hiking area for the Minnesota State Parks hiking club. To my great surprise, she couldn't identify the trail on the park map. She stated, "it's been a while since I've been out there." Honestly, I was so surprised I couldn't respond. In the past, we have always been extremely impressed with Minnesota park employees and rangers. They are usually a dedicated bunch of tree hugging, wilderness loving, conservation minded, extraordinarily knowledgeable people. I have no idea what is going on at Lac Qui Parle State Park. The Disappointment: The old Lower Campground at Lac Qui Parle is at a much lower elevation. There are beautiful, mature trees acting as a wind block and providing much needed shade. However, there are only pit/vault toilet facilities and a few water spigots. They have closed down part of the Lower Campground. I have no idea why. So, you can try and get a spot at the few remaining sites at the lower campground and "rough it" with the pit toilets, or you can stay in the barren field in a wind tunnel. The Warning: Lac Qui Parle means "lake that speaks." It is saying, "run far, far away from this campground." We cut our trip a day short.

Received from SP for visit in May 2006

Site Number: None
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