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Shenandoah Hills Campground

110 Campground Lane
Madison, VA 22727
3 Reviews
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Threw us out on Christmas Night. No kidding.! My girlfriend swears as part of her emotional disability. Threw us out after dark on Christmas Night. Only allowed one parking pass even though the park was empty. Said not enough room for two vehicles?! Only six rigs in entire park. Even the guy across from me who had to build a ramp to his door and used a 4 footed cane, and his girlfriend with a broken back, had to decide which one would walk the 200 yards to their rig each night. Not really recommend! Plus a friend who had stayed there.said they charged her 19 cents for electric and local rate was.11 cents. When she complained they lowered it to 11 cents and charged her $60 to read her meter! KOA should remove their franchise. These people should not be in hospitality business!

Received from paul for visit in Dec 2013

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Campground is really dirty, I complained about it to the manager and all i got was a nasty look. Take my advice go to another campground!

Received from Sharon for visit in May 2012

Site Number:3
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This has to be the weirdest campground I have ever camped at. The rules at this campground state that you can't have a saw or hatchet.... I can understand saying no cutting down trees or scavanging from the area, but not a rule that would stop you from managing wood that you bring with you. Another Quirk that I did not appreciate was that the showers were PAY STALLS... In order to take a decent shower, you had to take a handfull of quarters with you. Personally, when I pay for the campsite, I would expect that this would be a convienence that is included at a commercial site. Also the staff was not friendly during our stay. There was a after hours pay station for firewood at the store. When I went there to get some wood, one of the owners came out of the residence acting like I was steeling something from the store. Over all I would recommend not staying here.

Received from Mark for visit in Sep 2005

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