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Buena Vista Camping Park

755 Harding Highway
Buena, NJ 08310
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11 Reviews
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Campground had no activities, store closed early and if you wanted to walk you had to walk around the pot holes. Not worth the money rather go and pay the higher prices near the shore points. this is far from any beach.

Received from Disappointed Camper for visit in Jun 2012

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
Memorial Day 2012 what a run down campground ashame use to be a triving one. The waterslide was broken, no lifeguards on duty, store closed at 6, no ice cream for the kids, no supplies anyway so we needed to go outside of the campground. roads were full of pot holes, mini golf closed, how do they expect to get campers in to return...we will not be coming back no wonder it was so cheap for the weekend.

Received from Gloria for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:000
Stay Again? NO
after calling the 800 number to find out information about the cabins,we were told that the cabins had bathrooms after cancelling our reservations at another resort we werre then told they did not. I was not happy but we decided to go any way. This was not out first time at the resort,but out first time in a cabin..my fist impression was it was not great. the cabins smelled musty, and we were next to a porta john that need to changed.We checked in at 4 and we were packing up at 2am and home by 4.. the cabin was INFESTED WITH BED BUGS!!!!!

Received from tracy for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:27&28s
Stay Again? NO
My wife and I stayed in a so called "cabin" when they say you need to bring your own settings there not kidding...the bed was sitting on the floor, it was so old that the lumps were completely unbarable to get any sleep on....absolutely nothing furnished for the price.....no pots,pans,silverware. plenty of ants and stale air...windows are all dirty and foggy....a hotel with bed bugs may be a step up.

Received from Glenn for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number:214
Stay Again? NO
Camping here for the first time was a disaster, between my children getting harassed by lifeguards and the manger marion I will defiantly never go back to this campground again.

Received from Mother of three for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
we rented one of the so called cabins, it is not a cabin at all, it is a old trailer that they put wood over to make it look like a cabin, you could not even see out of the door and windows stained and dirty, the refrigerator was rusted and wires yes wires were inside to hold in place your food on the door, stained ceilings cigarette burns all over the floors, the bathroom was horrible complained but nothing was done, the pool was closed, and no ice cream how can you open on memorial day weekend with no pool, no ice cream and oh yes no firewood, DO NOT GO TO THIS CAMPGROUND!!!!

Received from anna for visit in May 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
After staying at the campground , we decided that we would not return. It is out of the way with not much around. The campground its self is very run down. Campers had checked out and for days after that while we were there the staff never went around to clean up, even broken beer bottles. Our site had a fire ring that was full of garbage and when mentioned to the staff, they just said have a nice stay and never cleaned it out. They did escort you to the site but when arriving to the site they ahd us way in the back with seasonnals that were run down and we had to get out rather large camper in between trees. The staff was friendly but the weekend activity that was scheduled, no staff could give us any info about it. There was no schedule for the activity and to our knowledge the activity never happened. we asked through out the say where to go for it and no ne knew what to say. Alot of cleaning up to do and alot of changes for this campground. Through the week its like a ghost town. Not even staff at the "security gate" it was always up and no one around for days.

Received from Mark for visit in Jun 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
After staying here for the past 6 years, Ive decided I will never go again. This place keeps getting worse and worse. The staff is rude, the place is run down and dirty! I figured after the new management came in it would start getting fixed but it hasnt. The pool is constantly closed because it is in such poor condition. We only stayed there due to convience,waterslide and hopes that each year it would be better. It hasnt though!! Save your time and money!!

Received from Kristina for visit in Jul 2009

Site Number:110B
Stay Again? NO
We were seasonals at this campground for last season and it was the worst experience we have had. the campground is falling apart. The pool is dangerous and falling apart. The mini golf has rusty nails sticking out and is falling apart. Be careful of the ditches in the roads, and don't sit on benches without looking first. there are NO activities for the kids that are even worth paying for (everything costs extra) and is overpriced. the lake smells and should be shut down. the bathrooms are gross. it is a shame because morgan management has no care for this campground.

Received from patti for visit in Apr 2008

Site Number:143
Stay Again? NO
Went with family and friends last weekend. Campsite is extremely run down. Bathrooms were almost unusable. Toilets overflowed, feces on the floor. Even after an employee finished cleaning, there was no soap and no toilet paper. Tried another bathroom down the road, same problem. Showers were so gross, no one wanted to use them for fear of catching something. Place needs some serious TLC. Sites themselves were 'OK'. Our location was good for a group, although I wished we were in a more wooded area. Overall, would never return.

Received from Ness for visit in Jul 2007

Site Number: 9-12
Stay Again? NO
Our experience here was most disappointing. The sites were very close together (tents were compelled to camp in an open and unshaded field), the facilities were crowded, post-curfew hours were extremely noisy, the crowd was composed in significant measure of those who might charitably be referred to as "undesirables," and security in the evening was largely non-existent. While there are a number of planned recreational opportunities, such as pony rides, movies and waterslides, virtually everything involves an added cost, which can be a significant factor to those of us with large families. Our stay here ranks among our worst camping experiences, one we are unlikely to repeat.

Received from Larry for visit in Jul 2004

Site Number:Open
Stay Again? NO

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