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PirateLand Family Camping

5401 S. Kings Hwy.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29575
8 Reviews
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Helpful friendly staff. Great location but seriously lacking in pool area. No deeper than 4 ft and no activities to speak of especially after 5pm. Kids seriously bored after 3 days. In general not a friendly campground as everyone stays to themselves which has never been our experience before.

Received from Marsha for visit in Aug 2012

Site Number: 79
Stay Again? NO
My husband and I had looked forward to camping at the beach. We had not been for three years due to health problems. We will never stay at Pirateland again! We had to visit the office THREE times for the staff to fix our fee charges--one of the charges was over $2,000.00!!! The site was not level--the front of our camper kept sinking into the ground. The golf cart traffic!!! I have never seen so many except at a dealership. Every evening the campers would "cruise" beginning at 9:00 or so. We were caught in this for two nights--had to wait over 30 minutes to reach our campsite. The showers did not have a seat; with knee replacements, I had a difficult time taking a shower. The campsites were so close to the next one that we had to buy a large tarp to wrap around the shelter house for privacy. The campers next to us could see directly in to each window of our camper and vice versa. Our looked-forward-to vacation became a huge failure. Next time, we will read many, many reviews before we stay anywhere.

Received from Danna for visit in Jun 2012

Site Number:178
Stay Again? NO
First time camping here in about 15 years. Seems like the sites have gotten smaller (I was a kid then) but activities have grown 10 fold. Kids had a great time. Lazy river is awsome. Live band by the pool. Was crowded but I expected it on a holiday weekend. I would take the kids back again but I probably not go without them unless it was the off season. Load up the kids and head off to PirateLand and they will love it. And for the parents they let you bring those electric scooters to ride on as long as the handle bars are at least 36' from the ground.

Received from Jordan for visit in May 2007

Site Number: 1058
Stay Again? YES
i love this campground , i have been going there since i was born.(i am 13 years old now)My grandma lives in the campground in the newest section and it is very nice. ilove to go swimming and take walks to the piers. I enjoy riding in my gmas golfcart that she owns! its nice to go to the little store if you need something you forgot. there is a lot of activites and games for kids and an arcade! ( i love getting ice cream there!)the workers are nice and its not normally crowded. If you complain that it is crowded thats is your own fault ( i think!!!) because you should know when the busiest times are and any campgroud you will go to is going to be crowded like that at that time(unless its a bad one!)and if the place is muddy they cant help it for goddness sake! if it rains it rains and they cant do anything about the mud! and they didnt create the land so its not perfect!i am going to keep going there forever until im older than i might live there just like my grandparnets and great aunt!

Received from McCall S for visit in Apr 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
We just returned from a week at Pirateland Campground. It is a very nice campground with plenty of things to do within the CG but it is one of the most crowded campgrounds that we have every stayed in. I read up on some of the post before we left about the golf cart traffic but did not believe it until I seen it myself. It is not a very safe place to let kids ride their bikes. We decided to ride through Ocean Lakes and have a look and it seemed like their was even more traffic in that CG. We have sites reserved next year for Ocean Lakes but have about decided to stay at Pirateland or Apache next year. Pirateland was a good campground except for all of the golf cart traffic but I can't complain to much since we rented one ourselves and contributed to the traffic.

Received from Terry C for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES
We stayed here April 2-8. Our site: 1106, a large inland site as we requested, directly across from the lazy river and basketball courts, but muddy and not level. We had to use a stack of four pieces of wood to get level. My parents came in after us and were put 4 sites away after we both requested them to be near us, but then later they tried to put someone else right next to us, even though almost every inland site was empty. Other sites: By the lake were nice looking, but the shelters at the beach area sites were pretty rundown. The paved pull-through sites are very close together with no shelter. The units at the permanent sites, excluding the very newest area, look very rundown. Bathhouses: Clean, but the shower in our bathhouse did not have any hooks or shelves inside the shower stall to hang things to keep dry. The lone outlet did not work at all. Lazy River/Pool: Awesome-looking, and we liked the music they periodically played. The lazy river was truly lazy - our kids hated it because the jets were not turned on and it didn't move. The outdoor pool was huge but not heated. The indoor pool and hot tub seemed okay. Recreation: Great basketball courts. Our kids were disappointed because the arcade was only open weekend evenings, so they couldn't go. The putt putt area was nicely landscaped, but the holes themselves were rundown and not very interesting; cost $5 to play. Office/Staff: Beautiful office, nice staff. There is an internet kiosk in the office that you can pay to use. There is also a spot for dial up access. They have a sign there saying that there is wireless access through AirPath, but even though we had a signal we couldn't get it to work. After we spent an hour on it, another gentleman came in and had the same problem, and when he went to the desk they told him that the router had broken, and they didn't bother to fix it because no one used it. That man was so angry he left the campground. They should have removed the information or stated that it wasn't working. Store: Well-stocked, nice staff. Beach: Huge and generally clean, but my husband found a used contraceptive. Overall, we were disappointed and do not feel it should receive the great reviews we've seen about it.

Received from Anon for visit in Apr 2005

Site Number: 1106
Stay Again? YES
My family stayed at Pirateland this past Easter and absolutly loved it. If you should decide to come camping in Myrtle Beach Pirateland is the place for you. We had a great site with plenty to do as far as activities and amenities. The staff was fantastic, friendly and very helpful. This place has a great family atmosphere and we will be back for many years to come.

Received from Rankin for visit in Apr 2006

Site Number: 1037
Stay Again? YES
We went with our 3 children ages were 8, 10 and 12 and they thought it was great. Get ready to be busy at the lazy river pool. There are a lot of golf carts (we were one of them) but the kids and the dog love the golf cart and its fun to watch the parade of them at night or participate in it. My kids loved everything about it. We were the first site next to the beach. The sites are tight, but they have that great wooden shelter thing, so were were able to put out our awning and then have the sun shelter too. Extended our shaded living space which was good because it was last August during that awful 100 degree heat wave. Beach was beautiful and not too crowded. Have fun and go to the Dead Dog Saloon and take your shepherd!

Received from Gloria J for visit in Aug 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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