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Caprock Canyons State Park

P O Box 204
Quitaque, TX 79255
No Email Address
3 Reviews
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Caprock Canyons is off the grid. In fact, I don’t think it even knows the grid exists. When planning our camping trip, we wanted something exotic and different from the other Texas state parks we’d camped in, even if it took a while to get there. Mapquest told us that we could get there in 6 ½ hours from San Antonio. Little did we know it would be a “Blue Highways” kind of drive. There are no direct highways to get to Caprock. We drove through hundreds of miles of little Texas towns. So many hit their heyday in the 1950s, and slowly slid into obscurity in the passing years. After hours of driving through deserted downtowns, farmland, cattle ranches and some truly inspiring wind farms, we finally saw the sign for Caprock. Driving in, I could never imagine the stunning beauty that lies just around the bend. The visitors center is updated and interactive, Of all the state parks I’ve been too, the staff at Caprock was by far the friendliest. There is a lake with swimming, and you can rent mountain bikes. In the summer, they offer tours of the deserted train tunnel that has become home to a large colony of Mexican free-tailed bats. (We could have still gone to see the bats emerge at sunset, but my four year old wasn’t up to the 9 mile round trip hike.) A hands-on discovery center entertains the kiddos. All of those activities are great, but by far the most inspiring and breathtaking part of Caprock is the canyon itself. Staring out over the rich red vista, visitors can see 250 million years of history in a glimpse! Three distinct epochs are shown in the rock, including the middle Dockum layer from the Triassic period. Can’t you just imagine a time when dinosaurs roamed the plains of Texas, and Caprock Canyons were a swamp?! The place is a geologist’s dream. My little amateur geologist loved collecting the shiny gypsum and red-striated rocks from the canyon bottom. Caprock’s other claim to fame is its herd of 78 bison, whose DNA dates back to the original wild bison of the western plains. I was desperate to see them, but had my doubts, since they have over 1000 acres to roam. While watching my son throw rocks into the lake on a hot day, I was treated to a great surprise. Eight members of the herd, including four babies, came to the lake to have a drink. We stayed and watched the bison drink by the water for almost an hour, transported back in time to a different era. As special as that was, for me the most profound experience came at night. Being so far removed from civilization, Caprock has almost zero light pollution and few visitors. The night sky is simply stunning. I was able to show my son the Milky Way, and we all had plenty of shooting stars to wish upon. Listening to the coyotes howl as I marveled at the stars is an experience I will never forget. Nor can I forget the brazen raccoon who visited us nightly on a quest for food, and didn’t seem at all bothered by our attempts to keep the food out of his reach. Wild bison, stunning vistas that transport you back in time, howling coyotes and the vastness of space, pushy raccoons, friendly staff, bats, all the hiking/horseback riding/mountain bike trails a person could ask for – Caprock is all the untamed nature any camper could crave …and there is virtually no one else there.

Received from Marlo for visit in Sep 2011

Site Number: 60
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This is a beautiful state park and a great alternative to Palo Duro which is generally always too packed. It is right outside of Turkey, Texas or Quitaque, Texas. It is a great park if you like to hike or ride horses. It is vast and different. There are nice equestrian campsites and very nice RV sites with lots of space and grass to each. It is clean and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Received from Em J for visit in Apr 2007

Site Number: None
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This was a beautiful campground with lots of space. Each campsite is far enough away from the next that you can hardly see your neighbor's RV. Also, Caprock Canyon is a beautiful hidden Texas secrete.


Received from Jim for visit in May 2006

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