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Flat Rock Bridge

21 Flat Rock Bridge Road
Lebanon, ME 04027
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6 Reviews
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Spent the weekend camping here with friends and family and it has been the most AWFUL experience we have ever had. I really want people to know how this campground really is. We paid alot of money to come here expecting it to be awsome, but first off the info/pictures they give on there site are very old and need to be updated. They have alot more rules now that they ENFORCE at all times.We felt as though we were in jail, being watched at all times. Security is walking the grounds constantly, which would been great if they didnt have somthing to say every time they crossed our path. At 11pm on the dot they are out and shushing everyone ... If you want to talk arounfd your campfire then you need to huddel and wisper (not kidding). We wernt even being that loud just talking in a normal voice. Our truck was parked onsite ontill sunday night at 10pm when they told us to move them or else (we were leaving first thing monday morning and it was very unsafe as we had been drinking) I got up to go to the bathroom BOTH nights and was followed being told I cant just go for midnight strolls when I was only trying to pee. All camp fires are to be out by 12am. It was raining crazy and I took my puppy for a walk and my husband went into the store and I was yelled at for having my dog on the patio area ( I was just trying to stay dry while I was waiting for him). Dogs must be 25 feet from all patios at all times so I had to stand in the pooring rain in the middle of the road to wait for my husband to buy somthing from there store. They have very small camp sites that where very dirty I had to remove beer bottels and trash just to put my tent down. Not to mention there are uneven grounds all over our tables were all sloped down hill with big rock under it (only place we could have put them, was the best placewe could have put them to put them) it was very hard to eat off... These issure are only touching the surface of the real issues this campground has.. Please take our experience in to consideration while choosing your camping needs (they remove all negitive things from facebook making it seem like everyone loves it here but in all reailty its just plain awful)

Received from Serina for visit in Jul 2012

Site Number:E64
Stay Again? NO
My family stayed there a week. The campground was nice, bathrooms need alot of work. No papertowels and the dryer hardly worked. The floors were very unsanitary, especially in the showers. Most of the security staff were extrememly strict. By 11pm if you were talking too loud they kept stoping by and will tell you to keep it down. I guess they expect you to whisper. Most of the staff were friendly enough, but a few were down right rude and did everything they could to make us feel uneasy. I felt like we had to walk on eggshells the whole vacation, and if we did anythign wrong they were waiting just to kick us out. It was not enjoyable. My family and friends will NEVER come back. The owner was very RUDE!!!

Received from Jaime for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
My Wife and I have been to this campground for many years since My wifes parents use to go here. The best thing thats happened to this campground was the new owners (since 2005). They have made many upgrades to the campground and plan on many more! They brought a family feeling back to the campground....they host campfire sing alongs where they kids can roast marshmallows. A lot of free entertainment for the kids...including the free movie house. The Kids love the Free waterslide! Staff is very friendly and glad to help You out. We are looking foward to going back.....The kids wouldnt let Us go anywhere else!!!! Jeff & Cheryl

Received from Jeff for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number: e26
Stay Again? YES
We just came back from this campground. Our Site was really jammed in. We had one right behind us and one right beside us. No trees and no privacy what so ever. There were other nice sites we saw, but most of them were for the seasonal people only. The bathrooms had no papertowels and a half-broken really old hand dryer with soaking wet floors. The kiddie was a joke, a little bigger than a bath tub. On the positive side, the hot tubs were really nice, after we had to tell them they were just luke warm. They turned the heater back on. Must be trying to save energy there. They should be hot ALL THE TIME! The pools were nice, but pretty cold. I don't think they were heated like the brochure stated. The water was about 70 degrees. The water slide was a lot of fun, but the matts they used were all ripped with tons of missing pieces from the matts. They could atleast buy some new mats for the slides. The beach is really small on a pond. Luckily, my little one did not mind swimming with e ducks. The entertainment was pretty good. They had a movie and D.J. the same night for free. Overall, it's not a bad campground, but we have been to nicer ones in the past. It's just run down and needs alot of work still.

Received from Debbie for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
We were happy with everything about this camp ground. The grounds were clean, bathrooms clean, pools clean, friendly staff, and several things to chose from to do for the day. High lights...Water slide, mini golf, river rafting, craft barn, two large pools, four hot tubs, movie house, arcade, snack shack, camping supply store with great prices. We never left the camp ground the whole time we stayed!

Received from Pooler F for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number: E66
Stay Again? YES
Well organized campground. Could use some polishing around the edges. Staff was very courteous and polite. This was the first weekend the campground was open this year. Flooding from the severe storms a few weeks prior to the Memorial Day weekend wreaked havoc and certainly caused the campground staff to be strained in preparation for the big weekend. Good atmosphere, many activities and good facilities. S series sights have new electric and cable. Store was well stocked and items reasonably priced. Lines to the dump station were long as a portion of the campground is water and electric only.

Received from Eric G for visit in May 2006

Site Number: S12
Stay Again? YES

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