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Peters Pond RV Resort

185 Cotuit Road
Sandwich, MA 02563
8 Reviews
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Nice grounds, very quiet and clean. However, pool was broke and kids could not use our entire stay. We went to rent a golf cart for their advertised rate of $10/ day and we were told that was a mistake and it was $60 day. Could not help to wonder if they were making up their prices as they knew families needed something to do with no pool. I asked them to honor the price they advertised and they would not budge. And to top it all off they wanted the cart back before a full 24 hrs. The office staff was rude and in no ways customer friendly. I have never ever had an experience like this at a campground. Too bad because it is a very pretty spot

Received from Mia for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
great place for people wonderful family campground

Received from kate for visit in Apr 2012

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
I spent over 40 years at this campground and had to pull out this past season. The deterioration of the once beautiful park was too sad for me to watch. All my childhood memories were erased and replaced with the most horrible summer I have ever spent there. Dog feces everywhere, broken tree limbs, dirty closed bathrooms, broken street lights, no food or supplies in the snack shops and store have sickened me and my family. Not to mention the salesmen at your door constantly trying to sell you $13000.00 membership fees. Warning: do not give this company your credit or debit card information. My heart is broken...

Received from Mary for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
As someone who has been going to this campsite since, well, before I was born I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great relaxing vacation. The bathrooms/showers are pretty clean (as far as campground bathrooms can be) and the snack shack is delicious. The only gripe I have is the newer owners. My family and our friends have been loyal patrons for over 15 years and we have always been respectful but in recent trips there have been problems with the front desk. With the new owners it seems the campground has lost its previous close-knit, family like feelings. Don’t get me wrong though, it is still a great spot for vacationing... I owe this place for so many memories I’ve had since I was a small child. It makes me sad to actually have to stop coming here because I am going to college soon. All in all, this place is great for families or older couples who want to relax. There are activities for the kiddies, and the adults. In addition there are places to see and things to do outside of the campground. It is overall a beautiful area. The waterfront spots are beautiful, especially when you catch a breathtaking sunset. I highly recommend this spot.

Received from Sandra for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
For the money, I did expect better restroom facilities. There were only three showers in the area we were in, and at any given time one was not working. The lake is great, the sites were good sized and clean. I would not go again unless I had a bigger rig with a bathroom

Received from Gail for visit in Jun 2010

Site Number:
Stay Again? NO
Well landscaped park,nicely maintained restrooms and showers.Poorly lit streets,many overhead streetlights have been out for several years,as I am an annual camper at this park,on my summer vacation.

Received from Ralph for visit in Jul 2009

Site Number: BF 02
Stay Again? YES
For a campground charging $47 per night, we were very disappointed in the restroom and shower facilities. Restroom doors had holes in them which campers stuffed with toilet paper to insure privacy. There was no toilet paper at times, and no soap either. One day after floors were washed water was at least an inch deep for hours. The shower had to be pulled by hand to obtain water, and had the same matte of hair on the wall for three days running. Disgusting! The door to the shower had openings into which anyone entering the restroom could easily see a person undressing. Obvious that this is a campground catering to owners of huge RVs to the exclusion of those who actually make use of faciities regularly.

Received from Claire for visit in Aug 2009

Site Number: 10B
Stay Again? NO
Great campground. Clean bath and shower houses. Does require money for showers. Lake for swimming, game room, Bingo nights and other family activities at the tent. Basketball court,tether ball. No on site campfires. They do have a community campfire on weekend nights and you can rent a propane fireplace to use at your site. Gated entrance. Well patrolled at night for safety. They due have a curfew and if you are out past curfew, you are asked to go back to your campsite. So no taking walkes after the kids are in bed. Would say that was the only dislike, but it does keep the campground pretty quite at night. Close to grocery store. They also have a campstore. About 45 minutes away from the National Seashore.

Received from Sheila for visit in Jul 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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